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Hoda Sultan

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

Hoda Sultan was one of the prominent Egyptian actresses especially in musical movies. Characterized by distinguished voice, appearance and performance, Sultan personified the Egyptian women with a completely different spirit with her Egyptian features, eastern beauty, spirit and romance. 

She starred throughout her more than 55-year artistic career around 60 movies, 15 TV serials and 8 plays. As a singer, she sang about 100 songs. 

Sultan’s real name is Gamalat Abdel Aal El Hew. She was born on August 15, 1925 in a Gharbeya governorate for an Egyptian father and Turkish mother. She ranked the third among five; two brothers and three sisters. Sultan is the sister of the late singer Mohamed Fawzy. 

Her first movie was "Set Al Hosn" (The Lady of Beauty) in 1950. Then, she met with the late actor Farid Shawki (1922 – 1998) to form a duo that turned afterwards to a romance and they got married. The duo Sultan and Shawki starred many movies during the fifties among of which are "Al Osta Hassan" (Driver Hassan), "Ga’alouni Mogreman" (They Made me a Culprit), "Raseef Nemra Khamsa" (Platform No. 5), "Al Mohtal" (The Fraud) and "Limien Hawak" (Whom do you Love). 

After her divorce from Shawki in the sixties, she got married to the play director Hassan Abdel Salam. Meanwhile, she participated in few plays such as "Wedad Al Ghazeya" (Wedad the Dancer) and "Al Malak Al Azraq" (The Blue Angel). 

Sultan is most famous for her roles in great movies like “Emraa Ala Altareeq” (A Woman on the Way), “Shay’ fi Sadri” (Something Deep Inside), “Al Ekhteyar” (The Choice), “Wada’an Bonaparte” (Farewell Bonaparte), “Awdet El Ebn El Dall” The Return of the Lost Son), the last three were directed by Youssef Chahin. Her last movie was “Men Nazret Ain” (From the First Glance) (2003). 

In the past couple of years she played the role of the mother in many TV serials such as “Wada’an Ya Rabie Al Omr” (Farewell Spring), “La Ya Ebnati Al Aziza” (No, My Dearest Daughter), “Arabesque”, “Zizinia” and the trilogy of “Bain El Qasrain” (Between the Two Palaces), the TV adaptation of the novelist Naguib Mahfouz’s trilogy. 

She passed away on June 5, 2006. 

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