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Statement of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi during the Press Conference with the German Chancellor

Wednesday، 31 October 2018 - 02:41 PM

Chancellor Angela Merkel,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like in the beginning to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Chancellor Angela Merkel and The Federal Republic in Germany. We appreciate with admiration all that has been presented by Germany to the world during Chancellor Merkel's term of office. I congratulate the German Chancellor and people on what they had offered. We, in Egypt consider with all admiration, appreciation and respect for what you had offered to the refugees who had been received in Germany.

Relations between our two countries represent a diverse partnership in various fields. This is evidenced by the numerous meetings that have brought me together with Chancellor Merkel over the past three years, the mutual visits between officials from the two countries, in addition to the remarkable level of bilateral cooperation and continuous coordination on many regional and international issues.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Today, we held a constructive discussion session, in which we touched on the means of enhancing bilateral relations on various levels. We also, exchanged views on issues of common concern and confirmed our determination to deepen and develop horizons of partnership between the two countries in the light of the important position, which Germany occupies both internationally and within the European Union. This is in addition to the pivotal role Egypt plays to achieve regional stability as well as face the challenges in the Middle East.

I would like to commend the bilateral relations development in the different fields specially the economic, commercial and developmental ones.

I would like also to express appreciation to Germany’s supportive positions to Egypt in its war against terrorisim, extremism and violence forces, as we assured during our discussions today the importance of the concerted international efforts to put an end to the hazard of terrorism and its threats to the world’s peoples. We agreed also on the importance of developing the security and military cooperation to deal with all threats.

I explained the big burden, Egypt shoulders in this regard out of its role, location and message, as it hosts millions of refugees. I tackled also the major successes Egypt has made in halting flows of the illegal immigration to Europe since September 2016 until now. I stressed that the solutions based on security without dealing with the economic and development problems roots in the immigrants’ original states, will not lead to the aspired-for results except for some short-term outcomes.

We have exchanged points of view about the crises and conflicts in the Middle East and the current efforts to find peaceful solutions. We have agreed that the international community should exert more endeavors to put an end to these conflicts to achieve stability for the peoples of the area.

We have consulted also on means of pushing the peace process in the Middle East to reach a permanent and fair settlement based on the relevant international resolutions.    

On the bilateral level, our talks today touched on means of enhancing trade exchange and increasing the German investments in Egypt in a way that shows the recent remarkable development of the economic cooperation between the two countries.

In this context, I wish to highlight our appreciation to the German support to the ambitious economic reform programme in Egypt and the development cooperation programme, which contributes to cementing the Egyptian economy especially in the fields of infrastructure, technical and vocational education. We have discussed means of raising and diversifying this cooperation to achieve its target. 

I wish to express my pleasure as the rate of the German tourists visiting Egypt had been restored, carrying a message of love and friendship from the Egyptian people to the German people, who we highly appreciate and respect. We hope that the German tourists shall go on heading to the Egyptian resorts, where they are greatly welcomed and secured.

In conclusion, I reiterate the special strong friendship ties between our countries and the necessity of going on our consultation on all levels to reach higher standards of cooperation and elevate our consultation that targets facing the common challenges and cementing stability, security and development in the world.

Thank You Very Much

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