20 August 2019 01:40 AM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s Address to the Closing Session of African Union 32nd Summit

Tuesday، 12 February 2019 - 01:29 PM

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses… Kings and Heads of

State and Government of African States,

His Excellency President of the State of Palestine,

Brothers and Sisters,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me at the beginning of my word to express my full thanks and appreciation for your effective and sincere participation in our summit. I also renew welcome to my African brothers leaders, who attend our summit for the first time, wishing you all success in your missions.

During two days of intensified action, we managed to achieve a tangible success that will be added to the African common action record.  The summit’s discussions highlighted our consensus about the priorities of our movement in 2019, mainly pushing the continental integration, accelerating enforcement of the free trade agreement and necessity of completing the continental economic system through upgrading Africa’s infrastructure. It was clear that a major attention was paid to the programmes and projects of reconstructure and development in post – conflicts period, boosting capabilities of the state of nation and pushing the development process to protect every progress we achieve on the track of peace against deterioration, besides providing the proper conditions to repatriate the refrugees to their homes in the near future.

We will work in 2019 to cement bases of sustainable development to develop our societies’ capabilities and provide more jobs for our youngmen and pave the way for a strong flourishing Africa, taking into consideration providing a remedy to roots of crises that the continent suffers from. We will dedicate our efforts to solve the crises of the displaced, immigrants and refugees totally and comprehensively through pooling of the urgent human support efforts and drawing out plans for reconstructure and peace building.

Our summit witnessed enhancing the African solidarity concerning our continent’s unified stances towards several issues on the international arena, mainly providing the United Nations’s finance to peace and security activities in the continent to gurantee a sustainable peace and put an end to injustice on Africa concerning the membership of the UN Security Council. Our continent will go on voicing its unified stance about reform of the Security Council according to Ezulwini Consensus and Sirte Declaration.

We shall seek expanding cooperation with international partners from international organizations, regional groupings, industrial blocs, financing institutions and effective states on the global arena to enhance Africa’s industrial capabilities, modernize the African economic system diversifying energy resources and controlling impacts of climate changes within the framework of common interests to achieve the goals of UN Sustainable Development 2030 and that of Africa Agenda 2063 to preserve the world peace and security.

It is high time to take more effective steps to involve the African private sector-carrying out the African Union’s development plans and programmes in all fields, especially that Africa has promising opportunities and African investors are willing to contribute to build the future of their continent.   

Brothers and Sisters,

At the end of our summit, I would like to extend my full thanks and appreciation to all African brothers leaders, who were keen to participate in our summit and helped me in running its agenda as well as enriching our discussions.

I also express my sincere appreciation for the accompanying delegations for their efforts exerted during the preparation meetings of the summit agenda.

I would like to ensure my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the brotherly Ethieopia; leadership and people for their good hospitality and warm reception.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation for all staffers of the African Union Commission from the junior employees, the commissioners to the Chairperson for their assiduous and ceaseless efforts, especially in preparing the annual summit agenda.

In this respect, I am looking forward to cooperate with them during the coming period to enhance the common African action and accomplish the summit’s plans and programs, seeking to achieve the peoples’ hopes and aspirations towards a developing, prosperous and stable Africa, which we dream of.

Thank You and May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be Upon You

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