06 December 2019 06:12 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s Statement on the Occasion of Africa Day

Wednesday، 29 May 2019 - 01:38 PM

Dear African Brothers and Sisters in the African Continent and all over the world,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I address you today to congratulate you on the occasion of Africa Day; this historic event which witnessed establishment of the Organization of African Unity that ushered a new era in the African solidarity and boosting the joint action of our dear continent countries.

On this day, 56 years ago, the founding fathers of the OAU set out on the road of unity and cooperation in Africa and laid the foundation for continental economic integration and joint action, setting off Africa's transition towards stability, progress and prosperity.      

We are now reaping the fruits of the efforts exerted by the founding fathers of the OAU and the hard work of successive generations of Africans over the past decades.

Africa is steadily moving towards sustainable development through the implementation of its ambitious 2063 Agenda.

Every day adds more strength to our joint efforts to find solutions to conflicts and problems which our continent has suffered from for decades and which have for long prevented the realization of the dreams of its people.

In order to achieve their common objectives, it is crucial for African countries to make better use of the African private sector alongside the African public sector to be able to build mega continental projects to develop the African infrastructure, thus contributing to the realization of our integration and market linkage plans, in pursuance of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, whose entry into force will be celebrated at our extraordinary summit in Niger in June.

We have to seek persistently developing our human resources and prepare the continent’s young people to keep abreast of the developments of the age and take responsibility for the future of their continent.
We seek consolidating the role of African women who are a key element of the continent’s economic transformation and stability, in addition to boosting the people-to-people cultural bonds, to strengthen the African identity and “uphold the principles of African solidarity.

Brothers and Sisters, 

We have to commit ourselves to fulfilling the dreams of the OAU Founding Fathers and the aspirations of the great peoples of Africa to build a stable and prosperous continent that is capable of ensuring a decent life for all its people and serving the entire human civilization through its culture of tolerance and love.
We are open to cooperating with all international partners to build a brighter future for Africa to contribute to the stability and prosperity of our world.

This will be done through a partnership with all governments, international organizations, private sector firms and global finance institutions to guarantee achievement of the reciprocal interests fairly.

In conclusion, I wish Africa shall be every year more united and cooperated. Many Happy Returns of this occasion in which all African peoples all over the world, are living in cohesion, progress and stability

                                       Thank You

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