16 December 2019 07:00 AM

Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

The State Information Service calls upon Correspondents to abide by Global professional standards

The State Information Service called international media outlets and specifically their accredited correspondents in Cairo to abide by internationally recognized professional standards in their coverage of Egyptian affairs and news.

Dia’a Rashwan Calls For Creation of an African Concept of Human Rights to Face Campaigns of Incitement

Chairman of State Information Service Journalist Dia’a Rashwan called for creation of a regional-African concept whose elements and criteria concerning the human rights are agreed upon and in conformity with the African Charter of Human Rights and the common heritage of values and convergent culture

The State Information Service’s official response to Human Rights Watch’s Report on Sinai

Once again Human Rights Watch circulates lies regarding the human rights situation in Egypt

SIS: BBC promotes the lies of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group

For over a year the State Information Service (SIS) has exerted strenuous and serious efforts with the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) through both its Cairo office and its main office in London

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