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Abdu al-Hamuli

Abdu al-Hamuli

Sunday، 17 April 2016 - 02:25 PM

Date of birth 1836, Tanta, Gharbeya

A chance meeting with a senior vocalist catapulted al-Hamuli into studying the fundamentals of music. His reputation was such that he formed his own group and was heard by Khedive Ismail who liked his voice and took him in to become part of his entourage. 

Hamuli traveled to Turkey, where he had the opportunity to listen to Turkish music. Later he would compose oriental music that appealed to both Egyptians and Turks alike.

His choice of songs was so refined that he would resort to statesmen/poets of the caliber of Mahmoud Sami al-Baroudi, Ismail Sabri Pasha, Abdel-Rahman Qurr'a (then Egypt's Mufti) and 'Aisha al-Taymouria.

Hamuli composed in keys never-before-used by other Egyptian composers.

He married the renowned singer Sokaina, known as Almaz.

Abdu al-Hamuli died on May 12, 1901.

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