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Natural reserves of Egypt

Sunday، 15 May 2016 - 12:55 PM

The natural reserve is an area of land or coastal waters. It is characterized by the living creatures, plants, animals and fish that live in it, as well as, the natural phenomena that have cultural, scientific and touristic values.


Natural reserves preserve natural resources and maintain a healthy ecosystem and the genetic diversity of organisms groups.


To preserve natural resources and biological diversity, a law was issued to prohibit any acts or activities that may destroy, damage or harm the natural environment, fish, animals and plants.

Some of the natural reserves

White Desert

Ras Mohamed Park

Zaranik Natural Reserve

Al Ahrash Reserve

El Omayed Natural Reserve

Elba National Park

Salouga and Ghazal

St. Catherine National Park

Ashtoum El Gamil Natural Reserve

Crystal Mountain
Gulf of El Salloum Natural Reserve
Umm Dababeyya
Mountains of Bahariya
Gilf El-Kebir National Park
Siwa Natural Reserve Oasis
Red Sea Northern Islands Reserve
Degla Valley Natural Reserve
Wadi El Gemal - Hamata Reserve Area
Nile Island Natural Reserve
Al Burullus Lake Natural Reserve
Taba Natural Reserve

Abu Galum Natural Reserve

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