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Ali ElHaggar

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Ali El Haggar, the Egyptian singer was born in 1953. He is an artist, composer, and actor.

Ali El Haggar is an Egyptian artist with an extraordinary talent and an exceptional voice. His birth within a family of artists is one of the most important factors that explain his devotion to music .

In fact, his father was a musician .

At an early age, he was exposed to several musical genres and styles .

He was influenced by the voices of artistic icons such as: Sayyed Darwish, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Oum Kalthoum, Zakaria Ahmed, and many others .

His father gave him a critical advice that greatly helped him in building a successful career and that's to be himself and avoid imitating others, which helped him to build and create a unique musical style.

During his early childhood, his father - the late singer and composer Ibrahim El-Haggar - taught him the principles of Arabic music. The main goal of his father at this stage was to give his son an in-depth understanding of the different musical forms.

At a young age, Ali El-Haggar learnt to recite the Quran; that was considered a valued addition that helped him with clear articulation and breathing.

In 1977, his talent was professionally discovered by the late composer Baligh Hamdy, who introduced him on New Year's Eve with his song “Ala Ad Ma Habbena”, by the late poet Abdel-Rehim Mansoor; after listening to him singing in a musical programme in the Egyptian television.

One year before, he had the opportunity to work with Salah Jaheen. The latter believed in his talent and gave him the opportunity to sing the "Rubayiaat" which were composed by the Great Sayed Mekkawi and performed previously by Oum kalthoum. His great talent and golden voice helped him to re-sing many songs of music pioneers such as Sayed Derwich, Abdel Wahab and Oum kalthoum .

Another important stage in his career started when he collaborated with his brother Ahmed El Haggar, who was then a great composer .

In 1978, he performed a song composed by him entitled "Ozoriny" which became a great hit.

As a result of this success he achieved with his brother, Ali El Haggar as a multi-talented artist started to show up .

He then started to co-work with his brother on regular basis . The El-Haggar brothers have co-operated in many other songs, Ahmed El-Haggar as a composer and Ali El-Haggar as a lyricist. Among these songs are: "Bahebek", "Ana Biki Ya Samra Akon", "El-Ahlam", "Kont Faker", "Tesaaliny", "Lama El-Sheta Yedo’o El-Biban", "Ma Tekdebish", "Ergaaily", "Lessa El-Kalam", and recently "Ya Masria ".

Ali El Haggar is the sole artist to be certified from Al-Azhar mosque as a professional reciter in 2005 .

 El-Haggar worked with famous composers and lyricists as well as with other singers in duets whenever possible. He said, "In duets I like to deal with talented singers; as competing with clever singers motivates me to explore my capabilities to execute the song in the best distinguished manner".

 During his career, El-Haggar has performed a number of duets with singers such as his career companion Mohammed El-Helw, in songs such as "Beladi" and "Khan El-Anadeel" (the opening and closing of a TV serial carrying the same name), with Hanan Mady in many television serial songs like "El-Likaa El-Tany & El-Mal we El-Banoon", with Angham in the play "Rosasa Fi El Qalb", and with Hoda Ammar in "Bent we Walad" from the movie "Eskendereyya New York ."

El-Haggar was awarded a prize of honor in the 15th Arabic Music Festival for the year 2006 as well as two prizes from two different European theatre festivals in both Germany and Italy. He also received "Best Singer of the Year" in a Sharm El-Sheikh video clip festival for his song "El-Leil Ya Nas ".


Ala ad ma Habaina

Kont fain ya Ali (for children)

Robaeyat "Salah Jaheen "



El Ahlam


Fi Alb El Lail

Ana kont Eidek

Zay El Hawa

Lem El Shaml

Tegeesh Naeesh

Rama Remsho

Lessa El Kalam




Es-ha Ya Nayer


Al Ayaam

El Shahd Wa El Domooa

Ala Abwab El Madina

Wa Qal Al Bahr

Al Mashrabeyya

Abdullah Al Nadim

El lel W Akhro

Haroon El Rashid

Omar Ebn Abdel Aziz

Mohammad Rasool Allah

Wajaa Al Baad

Al sira Al Helaleyya

Hadaek Al Shaytan

Zeaab El Gabal

Al Mal wal Banoun

Al Leqaa Al Thani

Television serials – singing and acting

Yaseen we Baheyya

Abul El Ela Elbeshry

Al Baqy men Al zaman sa3a

Al wakf

Resala khatera

Bawabat El Halawani

Al Awda

Robaeyyat Salah Jaheen

Movies[edit ]

Al Meghnawati


Al Fata Al Shereer


Laila men alf laila

Zabaaen Gohannam

Nawwar Al Khair

Welad El Shawarea

Menain ageeb nas

Eyal Teganen

Atnain fi offa

Alahomma Egaalo khair

Rosasa Fi Al Qalb

Khayef Aqool Elly Fi Qalby

Yamama Beida

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