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First Nile Basin Countries Presidential Summit

Sunday، 18 June 2017 - 03:34 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi is participating in the Nile Basin States Summit in Uganda on 21st and 22nd June 2017. Ten heads of state of the Nile Basin countries (Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Eritrea) are attending the summit. 
The Egyptian participation in the summit is an affirmation of Egypt's deep understanding of the African continent's issues and appreciation of the efforts of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in leading the current session of the Council of Ministers of the Nile Basin Initiative Countries. 
The summit will be a historic event, being the first gathering of all Nile Basin States to discuss inter-cooperation in many development fields. 
The Egyptian presence comes as a culmination of the rapprochement initiated by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi since 2014, towards Africa in general, and the Nile Basin countries in particular, which strongly contributed to the return of upstream countries to the negotiating table to promote cooperation, in the hope of bridging the gap that harms the interests of the downstream countries. 
The summit will discuss cooperation between the Nile Basin countries and mechanisms of consensus to resolve disputes over the controversial points of the Entebbe Agreement, ensuring the water security of all the basin States and preserving the unity of the basin countries. 
The meetings will also discuss economic development in various fields and the benefits of economic groupings such as COMESA and the East African Community, and the power linkage as a key element in providing energy for development. 
Egypt stresses its keenness to preserve Egypt’s historical rights in the Nile River and the Egyptian people’s right, as Egypt is fully committed to cooperating with the Nile basin countries. 
Egypt had confirmed in the Nile Basin countries ministerial meeting in Uganda in March 2017 its keenness to contribute as a partner in the Nile basin sustainable development to eradicate poverty and provide water, energy and food security for all of the Nile’s peoples. 
Egypt’s participation
Egypt participates in the Nile Basin Countries Presidential Summit with a new proposal for Nile basin heads of state to solve the Entebbe Agreement bones of contention. 
The proposal includes a number of principles governing Nile water management, mechanisms of joint cooperation and defining its main lines for water security for all and establishing the principle of non-damage. 
The Egyptian proposal is a legal framework that is consistent with international law and treaties regulating relations between the river countries cross-border, which confirm that the river belongs to all countries of the basin, the right of everyone to benefit from it within the framework of the fair and equitable use of water, the right of no harm to the historical rights of any of the countries of the basin, the right of maximizing joint gains, and equitable balance between the countries that have other water sources and countries that rely entirely on their share of the river water, the right of providing notification beforehand regarding any project that may affect the interests of other parties and the exchange of information relating to the river projects in full transparency.

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