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The 75th Anniversary of El Alamein Battle

Monday، 16 October 2017 - 02:04 PM

On the 21st of October 2017, El Alamein city witnesses the   75th anniversary  of the Battle of El Alamein and the inauguration of the New Alamein City. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi is going to attend the celebration together with  more than 50 ambassadors and consuls, a great number of World War II (WWII) victims’ families and veterans who took part in this battle.

Every year El Alamein hosts and takes part in  WWII celebrations. This year the  official celebration will be held in the British Commonwealth cemetery. The Battle of El Alamein took place on this land, where more than 7 thousand soldiers were killed from both conflicting  sides.

Inauguration of New EL Alamein City.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi will inaugurate the New El Alamein City on 21st of October 2017 on the occasion of the Battle of El Alamein 75th anniversary, conveying to the whole world a message that the battle fields in Egypt have become development areas. A Helicopter landing zone was equipped  for the president’s plane next to the Military Museum in the city. The President is going to visit the commonwealth cemetery and then  will head to the corniche, where the inauguration platform and the city’s cornerstone are.

The New El Alamein City is an integrated city located in the middle of the western north coast. It is built on 48 feddans by 15 thousand workers, 21 construction companies and with about EGP 40bn investments under the supervision of The New El Alamein City Authority.

The New El Alamein City includes  cultural, touristic, industrial and research zones, as well as a national university, international hotels and two premises for the presidency and the cabinet. A 38 km long road alternative to the coastal one, a 14 km long touristic boardwalk and an open free of charge beach were built.

The city is divided into two areas: The coastal area  that includes the archeological sector in Tal al-Iss village, which witnessed El Alamein battle during the WWII, and the new El Alamein area located opposite to the coastal road. The city  construction went through several stages. The first includes ​​12 thousand feddans for the beach area, the distinguished housing area, the cultural city and the historical area. Work is currently in  the urgent part of the first phase, which includes the 14 km long Corniche of the New El Alamein city, 700 meters of which will be completed after the inauguration .About 1920 housing unit are under construction  and will be completed by the end of 2017. They will be put to the public  through the New Urban Communities Authority at the beginning of 2018.

In addition, 1120 housing units are being under construction in the coastal area, "Down Town", as well as condominiums and villas in the touristic coastal area  in cooperation  with the National Service Projects Organization..

The city includes 6 connected lakes over 1700 feddans. A desalination plant with a capacity of 150,000 cubic meters per day  is being implemented by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority jointly with a Spanish company and will be completed   by December 2018.

Contracts are signed to build electricity networks to provide 540 MW through the Electricity National Network. Currently plans are underway to build the National New El Alamein University over 60 feddans. It will comprise all  fields of competence that suit the coastal environment in Matrouh.

The industrial zone is located on an area of 8 thousand feddans, it includes the petrochemicals industry, mountain salt industries, mining and complementary industries for construction.

The alternative route to  the current coastal road is being constructed. The first phase of the project has been completed with a length of 38 km at a cost of EGP 600mn. It starts from Wadi Al Natroun Al Alamin intersection until Sidi Abdel Rahman.

The cultural area of the city will be built on an area of 200 feddans, and will include a library, an opera house ,a cultural center, a conference hall and a cultural museum.


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