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Cultural Relations

Thursday، 16 November 2017 - 03:17 PM

The Egyptian-Spanish cultural relations are deeply-rooted in history, given the contributions of Andalusia and Egypt in various fields, especially on the intellectual and philosophical fields extended to the Mediterranean through the period from the 8th to 14th century which attested  the  best of these contributions.

Among these intellectuals: Al-Maqrizi, al-Qalqashandi, traveler Ibn al-Zubayr belonging to Spanish city Palencia, Egyptian traveler to the royal palace at Granada city Abdul Basit and poet and scientist Ibn al-Khatib. There are contributions associated with Egyptian and Spanish Main cities through seven centuries of history.

The Egyptian cities are Cairo and Alexandria, where Ibn Khaldun spent his last years before his death. As for the Spanish cities, there are: Granada, the city ruled by Bani Nasr, along with Córdoba and Palencia or Murcia - the birthplace of Ibn Arabi - which has had a profound impact on the Sufi thought at that time.

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