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Roman-Greek Monuments in Cairo

Sunday، 15 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

Fort Babylon in Cairo:

It has been said that many of Cairo’s residents know little about the Fort of Babylon, though certainly the Christians do, because several of their oldest churches are built into or on its walls.

The history of this site goes back to Pharaonic times, and is thought to have been a settlement where a ferry served the road from Memphis to Heliopolis by crossing the Nile. Thus the fortress was not built untill the Assyrian or Persian occupation of Egypt since the need for it arose only with their hold on the territory which was purely of military superiority.

The fortress was known as Babylon of Egypt by the Roman times and it remained after the Arab conquest of Egypt. However by then the defensive function of the fortress was obsolete and it became occupied by the Copts who built several churches and monasteries within its enclosure. Much of its original structure was still standing till the mid of 19 C, however during the British occupation a large part of it was demolished, only parts of the towers and gates have survived.

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