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Cultural, Art and Religious Cooperation

Monday، 04 December 2017 - 03:01 PM

The religious, cultural and educational fields are among the most important pillars of the bilateral relations between the two countries. These fields are witnessing great momentum and keenness on both sides to continue and to move forward for their revitalization. The relations between the two countries in these areas are based on a number of agreements: Cultural and Scientific agreement (1977) - Executive Protocol for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation December 1984 - Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Religious Affairs and Endowment 1998 - Cooperation Agreement between Al Azhar University and the Malaysian Ministry of Education 2000.

There are currently approximately 11,000 (2015) Malaysians who continue their higher education studies in many universities throughout Egypt in Islamic studies, including 6,000 students in the fields of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

For its part, Malaysia seeks to strengthen the knowledge and cultural base with Egypt through the various training programs it provides to the Egyptian officials. The most prominent of these is the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program, which aims at sharing experiences and investing in the development of human capital, to strengthen the capabilities and skills of cadres in the developing countries, contributing  to the building and development of institutions in these countries. Some 626 Egyptian officials have participated in the program since it has been launched in 1980 to June 2016 in the fields of administration, economics, training, tourism, information technology, agriculture and diplomatic affairs.


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