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Presidency in 2017

Sunday، 24 December 2017 - 04:13 PM

President's Foreign Visits

During his foreign visits, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi seeks to redefine the external world by Egypt's internal situation and inviting the international parties to participate in the Egyptian market to serve the opportunities of boosting the Egyptian economy.

The visits aim also to enhance economic cooperation, trade exchange and cooperation in various fields and open new horizons to create an attractive environment for investment.

President Sisi made several external visits during 2017:

January 2017

- January 30: President Sisi participated in the work of the 28th African Summit in Addis Ababa.

February 2017

- February 18: President Sisi’s visit to Kenya

March 2017

- March 29: President Abdel Fatah El Sisi took place in the 28th Arab Summit in Jordanian Capital Amman.

April 2017

- April 1: President Sisi’s visit to US

May 2017

- May 7: President Sisi's visit to Kuwait, Bahrain

June 2017

- June 12: President Sisi participated in the German Summit for Partnership with Africa in Germany.

- June 21: President Sisi headed Egypt's delegation in the Nile Basin Summit in Uganda.

July 2017

- President Sisi met with Prime Minister of Czech Republic on the sidelines of his participation in the Visegrad Group summit.

August 2017

September 2017

- September 4-5: President Sisi visited China to participate in the BRICS Summit.

- September 6: President Sisi's visit to Vietnam

Sisi visits China and Vietnam

- September 25-26: President Sisi's visit to UAE

October 2017

November 2017

- November 20: President Abdel Fattah El Sisi headed for Nicosia, Cyprus on a two-day official visit to attend the fifth trilateral summit with Cyprus and Greece.

President Sisi’s visit to Cyprus

Official Visits to Egypt

A large number of Kings, Presidents, Princes, officials and heads of large companies from all over the world came to Egypt, where these visits reflecting a common will to develop the relations and aims to enhance economic cooperation, trade exchange and cooperation in various fields and open new horizons to create an attractive environment for investment and tourism, which confirms that Egypt has returned to its position internationally and regionally.

January 2017

- South Sudan President visit to Egypt

- Macedonian President Georgi Ivanov visit to Egypt

- Belarus President visit to Egypt

February 2017

- President of Togo visit to Egypt

- Lebanese President visit to Egypt

- British Foreign Secretary visit to Egypt

March 2017

- Chancellor Angela Merkel visit to Egypt

- Lebanese PM's visit to Egypt

April 2017

- Congolese President’s visit to Egypt

- Palestinian President's visit to Egypt

May 2017

- Jordanian King's Visit

- Austrian Chancellor's Visit

- Kenyan President's visit to Egypt

- Uruguayan President’s visit

June 2017

- Burkina Faso President's visit

- Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Visit to Egypt

- Bahraini King' visit to Egypt

 July 2017

- Palestinian President’s Visit

- Argentine Vice President’s Visit

August 2017

- Chadian Defense Minister's Visit

- Algerian Foreign Minister's visit

- Somali President’s visit

September 2017

- President Sisi received a delegation from the National Council of American Churches.

October 2017

- Indian Minister of External Affairs's Visit

- President Sisi received European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and EU enlargement.

November 2017

- Zambian President's visit to Egypt

December 2017

- President Sisi meets US Defense Secretary

- Russian President's Visit

Presidential Decrees

The following are the most important presidential decrees issued by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi during 2017, including the allocation of land and the approval of loans and grants, which is in the interest of the citizen and aimed at achieving the requirements of development:

- Presidential decree paroles some convicts

- Presidential decree: Mamish head of SCZone

- Presidential decree approves Japanese loan to implement 2nd stage of GEM

- Sisi issues decree forming committee to study financially-strapped projects

- Sisi issues law on 2017-2018 FY State budget classification

- Sisi issues decree to establish counter-terrorism council

- Presidential decree establishing Golden Triangle Economic Zone

- Sisi issues decrees on final statements of state bodies

- Sisi bestows 1st Class Orders of Republic on former top judges

- Presidential decree to create united electronic system for gov't complaints

- Decree law issued for compensations on general contracting, supplies deals

- Sisi ratifies amendments on income tax law

- Sisi orders amending provisions of Commercial Register Law

- Presidential decree to amend rules regulating EGX affairs

- Republican decree naming Rashwan as SIS head

- President issues several decrees

- Sisi ratifies sports law

- Sisi ratifies investment law

- Presidential decree approving loan to develop Upper Egypt

- Sisi issues several presidential decrees

- Presidential decree appointing ambassadors at FM HQs

- Sisi ratifies Law on Economic, Social Developmental Plan

- Presidential decree extending term of Cabinet secretary general

- Decree on dual taxation agreement with Arabia published in official newspaper

- Presidential decree approving cooperation deal on peaceful uses of nuclear power between Egypt, Saudi Arabia

- Presidential decree setting up national academy for youth training

- Minister in charge of public business sector law authorized for antiquities investment

- Sisi decrees setting up national academy for youth rehabilitation

- Presidential decree approving loan deal for developing el Qasr el Eini Hospital

- Sisi issues presidential decree re-allocating lands to Aswan governorate

- Presidential decree approving loan to expand West Cairo power plant

- Sisi doubles NTL budget to EGP 400 mn

- Sisi approves Italian grant for Islamic art museum renovation

- Sisi approves MoU with UAE on financial, technical cooperation

- Sisi approves grant agreement with AfDB over NSB restructure

- Sisi approves French grant to back first aid project in Egypt

- Sisi issues decree to establish branches of youth rehabilitation academy

- Sisi approves Kuwaiti Fund grant for improving Syrian refugees conditions

- Sisi approves Egyptian-Uruguayan agreement on customs cooperation

- Sisi issues decree to amend some provisions of value added tax law

- Presidential decree on establishing medical research centre


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