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Sisi inaugurates several development projects in northern Egypt and Nile Delta

Tuesday، 16 January 2018 - 04:48 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi attended on Monday 15/1/2018 via video conference the inauguration ceremony of a number of development projects in northern Egypt and the Nile Delta.

The ceremony was attended by acting Prime Minister and Housing Minister Moustafa Madbouly and Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces Sedqi Sobhi, as well as a host of ministers and statesmen.

The inauguration ceremony started by reciting verses of the holy Quran.

Lines of the iron and steel factory of Beshay Steel group 

President El Sisi inspected production lines of the iron and steel factory of Beshay Steel group in Sadat city in Menoufia governorate.

Sisi listened to a detailed explanation by the supervising engineers and Chairman of Beshay group Kamal Beshay regarding the production lines, their conditions and their quality.

Egyptian government ready to contribute to sugar, textile projects by half

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stressed on Monday that Egypt is a strong country and the government is now ready to contribute by 50 percent to promote major projects of the sugar and textile industries.

This is to expedite the implementation of such projects and provide the necessary funding, he said.

While Trade and Industry Minister Tarek Qabil was giving a presentation on the development of sugar and textile industries, Sisi intervened to say that the government is now ready to contribute to carrying out these projects to speed up implementation rates and provide necessary funds .

According to the Trade and Industry Ministry's industrial development plan, Sisi said the sugar and textile factories in Egypt need 500 million dollars and will take time "but we are ready to lower this duration and offer necessary facilities to finalize these projects in three or four years at most ".

To take seven years to finalize a project is a long time, Sisi said, noting that in seven years the population of Egypt will increase by 14 million and this is an important point to be considered when drafting a plan to carry out development projects in Egypt.

President Sisi called for adopting non-conventional reform tracks to finalize necessary development projects, saying he made clear while talking to acting Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli that things would not be finalized on time due to bureaucracy.

Sugar factories have been in place in Egypt since the 50s but they are not in a good state and to make them operational once again poses a burden, he said.

So we should develop these factories, he said, adding that Upper Egyptian residents want the government to buy the sugar cane from them at an appropriate price.

He called on workers of these factories to join hands with the government to enable these factories to stand foot.

The public enterprise sector alone cannot solve all problems related to iron and steel, sugar and textile factories, President Sisi said.

Challenges are big. We need 1.8 billion pounds to develop sugar factories. We have first to hold financial and technical tenders that take two years then another year in opening the requests for proposal (RFPs), Sisi noted.

He noted that the Supply Ministry subsidizes bread with 50 billion pounds at a time we cannot afford 1.8 billion pounds to develop eight factories.

Sisi underlined the importance of not wasting more time or chances to achieve the hoped-for development.

Egypt will never fight its brothers

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said Egypt will never go to war against its brothers.

"I tell our brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia that Egypt does neither conspire nor interfere in the affairs of the others. We are keen on our good relationship. What the region witnessed over the past years is enough," he said at the launch of a number of development projects in Sadat City.

Egypt has a firm policy aiming at construction, development and urbanization, he said.

"We practice peace on the ground at home and in our relationship with all our brothers," he added.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said "the Egyptians have been preoccupied over the past few days and weeks with the latest developments in Sudan's stance and statements by Sudanese brothers...I have said this before to the Egyptians and to our brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia. We do not interfere in anybody's affairs and are very keen on maintaining good relations. Enough what the region has witnessed over the past few years.”

"We have a stable policy which aims at construction, development and urbanization we will not do anything else. I wish that this can be heard by everyone. We do not make any maneuvers and we never say anything and do the opposite or make statements and act otherwise," he said, calling for peace, construction and urbanization because peoples need that and do not need conflict, differences or war.”

"Egypt will never fight its brothers," he stressed.

He called on the Egyptian media to deal with full transparency, not only with this issue but also with all similar issues into the bargain.

"We reflect Egypt with its people, civilization, values and ethics through our comments in the media or on social media," the president said, calling on all the Egyptians to be very careful about what we say and to always respect others.

The president referred to statements quoting Egypt about Sudan concerning interference, stressing that Egypt does not interfere in the affairs of any state and is keen on establishing good relations.

The president said some people ask me about funds spent on the Armed Forces and I should say this has nothing to do with our wish for peace but it is for the sake of the country's national security. You have to have military power in order to protect peace, he added.

Sums needed for Hepatitis C treatment to be provided by Tahya Misr Fund

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said the state is totally ready to support Tahya Misr Fund financially to continue to treat Hepatitis C patients of all ages.

In a remark he gave during a speech by Health Minister Ahmed Emaddein at the inauguration of a number of development projects in Menoufiya Governorate on Monday, the president said "we have treated 1.5 million patients over the past three years and medically checked five million others and hope to treat around 45 million cases over four years.”

The minister asserted that the fund's support will certainly resolve many problems, pointing out that around dlrs 337 million are needed for the treatment of Hepatitis C patients until 2020. The World Bank has offered to pay a 500-million-dollar loan, he said. However, the prime minister and the finance minister asked to find other sources to decrease the loan, he said.

"We will provide the needed money from the fund," President Sisi said.

As for the quality of education in Egypt, the president said "we insist on providing new education and good quality educational and training service at all levels and not just the medical one. We insist on twinning with the highest 50 universities worldwide to raise the level of education provided by the private and the public sectors.

The president asserted keenness on raising the level of the medical sector especially in light of weak budgets.

The Egyptian society is keen to contribute with the state to protect the old-established medical institutions along with the civil society and non-governmental organizations, the president said.

The state cannot pay alone for operating hospitals and maintaining their level and the civil society and NGOs are ready to join in and work together with the state to contribute to offering quality educational and medical services, he added.

Inauguration of Suez Canal University development project

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inaugurated via video conference a Suez Canal University development project.

This came after Higher Education Minister Khaled Abdel Ghaffar reviewed the recent achievements of his ministry as he expounded to the president the investment projects being established over the past three years as well as the projects, which will be implemented during the coming period in the fields of higher education and scientific research.


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