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Martyr's Day

Saturday، 09 March 2019 - 12:00 AM

The Armed Forces celebrate the Veteran Warrior and Martyr Day on the ninth

of March every year, where this day in 1969 witnessed the death of Lieutenant General Abdel-Monem Reyadh who sacrificed his life for the sake of the nation.
 This day witnesses the Armed Forces' celebration of the Egyptian martyrs who gave the best examples in sacrificing their lives for the sake of the homeland.

History has witnessed countless Egyptian martyrs since the invasion of Hyksos , Tatars and Mongols. Egypt has been and will always be the shield of the whole region and the place where the invaders meet their fatal end.  During the French campaign , the british occupation, Palestine war 1948, Port Sa'eed tripartite aggression ,  the post 1967 attrition war and the glorious October War, Egypt sacrificed her best youth who breathed their last for the sake of the homeland crystallizing the deepest meaning of redemption and heroism.

Egypt commemorates the Martyr's Day at a time when number of  martyrs of the brutal black terrorism  increases, reaping the lives of officers and civilians. The armed forces are keen to commemorate this anniversary in honor and gratitude to those martyrs sacrificing their lives and their blood for the sake of the homeland . The increasing number of martyrs,  invoke their fellows to follow their steps with full determination. The Egyptian believes in dignified and free homeland.

Therefore, Egypt has erected a memorial in memory and appreciation of  the glorious  victory and its holders. it is made of concrete and resembles a hollow pyramid with a height of 36.64 meters and a base width of 14.3 meters. The four pillars are 1.9 meters thick and are inscribed with 71 symbolic names. At the centre of the base is a solid basalt cube representing the soldiers tomb. The memorial witnessed  high level official visits and foreign delegations .

 The armed forces also erected a memorial for the martyrs of the second field army and another for the October heroes of the Third Field Army and military defense and air forces and others from every part of Egypt.

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