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President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's speech before Russian Federation Council

Wednesday، 17 October 2018 - 03:06 PM

Madame Valentina Matviyenko, Speaker of the Russian Federation Council,

Ladies and Gentlemen, Respected leaders and Deputies of the Council,

      Let me from the beginning to express my great pleasure and deep appreciation to your generous invitation to speak from this rostrum, and giving me that opportunity to be among you here; as the first foreign president, in the Federation Council, addressing the great Russian people and carrying a message of deep tribute and appreciation from the Egyptian people, who cherishes the historical bonds that connect both countries and their echoes are tangible  so far. I hope that meeting with you will represent a new starting point to enrich friendship relations between our countries, in its parliamentary dimension, in order to go beyond the formal framework to wider popular horizons that develop and push forward these relations.

The strong relations between Egypt and Russia, that we celebrate this year its 75th anniversary, were always distinguished with deepness and specialty, which was clear in times of crises and adversities. Russian government and people were the first to give a hand to Egypt to regain its occupied territory. Moreover, Egypt will never forget Russia’s cooperation in its building and reconstruction battle when it helped in building the High Dam, among other mega projects, during an important era of its modern history. Furthermore, I would like to assure that these supportive historical stances will always be stuck in the Egyptians’ minds and that valuable heritage of joint cooperation will always be deeply appreciated by the Egyptian people.

The momentum that had been occurred in the various fields of cooperation between Egypt and Russia throughout the past five years, is the best proof of the depth and firmness of our relations, the matter which was reflected in the continuous coordination and consultations between the officials of both countries and launching the strategic dialogue, not to mention the growth of trade that reached unprecedented rates, and yet still growing. I also aspire that within the coming years, the mega project of constructing the nuclear energy plant in Daba’a will be finalized; the matter which will be a new bright sign in the march of cooperation between both countries and a huge edifice in our extended partnership.

Similarly, I consider the project of the Russian industrial zone in East Suez Canal another example of the depth of our partnership and a new starting point for enhancing the Russian investments in Egypt, as we are always looking forward to your experiences and investments within the framework of an integration among us so as to contribute to finalizing the ongoing mega projects in Egypt.  I would like to reiterate that the door will remain open to the Russian investor to benefit from the big privileges offered by the Egyptian market being a huge commercial and investment gate for several African, Arab and Asian countries.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our efforts have been crowned with success as regards the restoration of the direct air traffic between Cairo and Moscow following President Putin’s visit to Egypt in December 2017. I am all confident that within the framework of the positive relations between Egypt and Russia, air traffic will be resumed between the other Russian and Egyptian cities so as to restore the flow of the Russian tourists who were always been welcomed in their second country Egypt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Honorable Leaders and Deputies of the Federal Council,

The Russian stances backing the will of the Egyptians in the wake of June 30 Revolution and the subsequent rapprochement in relations had enabled us to follow the successive developments throughout the past five years, when the Egyptians were capable of restoring their security and stability and preserve the entity of their deep-rooted state and its well-established national institutions so as to save their country from the fires of chaos. In this respect, the Egyptian people were capable of recalling their deep civilization reserve in order to impose their will, save their identity, achieve huge leaps as regards empowering youth and women, and move forward towards realizing bold economic reforms so that the realized achievements would become a living reality testifying the ability of the Egyptians to overcome difficulties and cross to the future confidently and optimistically.

Egypt, while moving forward towards this future, aspires to foster the level of coordination and communication with Russia, and open new vistas of cooperation, especially as regards addressing the common challenges, on top of which is the danger of the spread and expansion of terrorism, which falsely wears the cloak of religion, searching for malicious targets and narrow interests, by groups who neither know the meaning of religion nor homelands, thus becoming an enemy for the whole humanity. Thereupon, the elimination of this serious scourge necessitates a collective confrontation from a comprehensive perspective through which we have to enter the battle of minds and souls against the thoughts of extremism and narrow-mindedness, while paying attention to the economic and social dimensions, besides the military and security measures.

In this context, I would like to shed light on the initiative of renewing the religious discourse, which was launched from Egypt some years ago in order to confront the discourse of extremism, misguided ideas and twisted interpretations that negate true religion and contradict its noble values, highlighting the estimated role played by Al-Azhar in this regard, as a beacon of moderate Islam, which transcends the values ​​of tolerance and acceptance of other. I would, also, like to refer to the Comprehensive Operation Sinai… 2018 and the remarkable successes achieved by the Egyptian Armed Forces and security forces to completely besiege and control the hideouts of terrorism, as well as take the necessary measures to protect Egypt's security and borders from the risk of infiltration of foreign fighters, drugs smuggling and human trafficking, as well as addressing the waves of illegal migration across the Egyptian coasts to Europe.

As terrorism poses a serious threat to humanity as a whole, the dismantling of the concept of the state of nation under the successive crises, poses an existential threat to the security of the region and the world at large. It is not enough that our Arab region is still suffering from the oldest and most complex crisis in contemporary history, represented in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as the international community had neither been able to find a just and comprehensive solution to this prolonged conflict or restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. However, other crises in the region appeared successively, which inflamed sectarian conflicts causing the specter of disintegration and division of the states as well as its national institutions, thus imposing new challenges and dangers. This requires from all of us to work together, harness the energies and galvanize the determinations to face the common dangers which afflict us.

We are all in the same boat, no one is safe from the danger, and these crises can no longer be overcomed individually. In this respect, all the members of the international community have to take shoulder responsibilities, whether by speeding up the peaceful settlement of disputes or firmly confronting the parties that support terrorism by rhetoric, actions or money

The current crises in the region are intensified by polarization, which in the end will only exacerbate the present turbulent status. Openly speaking: there is no longer room to line up in axes, to impose certain visions or to join blocs, which seek introversion claiming that these dangers do not concern them. There is no way to achieve a better future except through a greater cooperation and by coordinating positions in a framework of mutual respect and appreciation, understanding differences, diversification and the culture of the other and abiding by international law and the principles of the United Nations, which must remain a universal entity for us all seeking an effective international order where peace and security prevail. This will help focusing on the achievement of development and prosperity as well as meeting the aspirations of our peoples, and thus leading to a more stable world order.

As I mentioned in my speech in front of the UN General Assembly last month that there is no place for partial solutions to the internal conflicts and disputes wherever they are, but the comprehensive solutions that guarantee reservation of unity and sovereignty of the countries and their regional integrity, as well as to reunite people of one country to be able to rebuild and reconstruct their country, and assure that corrupted people, saboteurs and terrorists must not be left unquestioned.

You may share my point of view that this comprehensive dealing for the crises will not be achieved without the collateral will of the international community, as the UN’s choice is our collective umbrella to achieve this goal.

In Syria, for example, there are no alternatives expect to push on the political process sponsored by the UN, by immediate start of the committee that drafts the constitution as a first step towards resuming talks and ending the crisis in Syria, in a way that preserves its unity and institutions, as well as to comply with the aspirations of its people.

As for Libya, our vision is based on necessity of the commitment to the political solution and what it requires to achieve a progress in implementing the UN envoy’s comprehensive political initiative with all its elements in parallel with unifying the Libyan military institution to defend the country against terrorism, where Egypt is playing a leading role.

Ladies and Gentlemen, leaders and Deputies of the Federation Council,

Russia will remain the loyal friend that could always be depended on; especially within the convergence of visions and reciprocal support in various international forums. Even if we have different points of view concerning some issues; yet this will be a catalyst for enriching dialogue between us and an emphasis for the need to have more coordination and cooperation so as to reach the perfect means for facing the common challenges.

I am confident that my meeting with Prime Minister Medvedev and talks with my friend President Putin tomorrow will contribute to realizing a new leap of the level cooperation, coordination and rapprochement towards different mutual issues as well as regional and international current challenges.

In conclusion, Ladies and Gentlemen, leaders and deputies of the Federation Council, I would like to thank you again for receiving me in your honorable council today and express my deep gratitude for your warm reception and hospitality that I found since my arrival in the Russian lands.

I am sure that Egypt; leadership, government and people is optimistic about the future of the Egyptian-Russian relationships under the wise leadership of President Putin

Thank You

May Peace and Mercy Be Upon You

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