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Address by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi in the Closing of the World Youth Forum

Tuesday، 06 November 2018 - 12:00 AM

“In the Name of Allah the Almighty”

Your Excellencies and Highness,

Ladies and Gentlemen, my Sons and Daughters of World Youth,

May Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon You,

Peace is one of Allah’s names which we all seek and search for. I speak proudly of this honorable and elite gathering of the world youth. I am further proud of the dialogue, discussion, exchange of views and work that you have practiced according to an effective and objective agenda.

Along the past days, the activities of the second edition of the World Youth Forum have been a great opportunity for creating a state of a constructive cultural dialogue for the pivots of peace, development and innovation. The genuine determination came from the organizing committee and all the participants with various levels so as to turn the dialogue into recommendations and executive mechanisms that would bring us to a tangible reality. Moreover, the cultural diversity and richness of the participants was an additional success for this Forum, which we aim to transform into a great platform for international dialogue among the youths of the world.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The idea and dream began in the hearts of Egypt’s youths, and was encouraged and supported by the state until it became a reality, we are currently living. In this regard, we learn that the greatest successes start with an idea that would turn into a dream coming true with determination and will. Thereupon, I renew my advice to the youths of Egypt and the whole world to make humanity their creed, dream their way and hard work their means. I pray to Allah the Almighty to give us the ability to realize the will and the legitimate dreams of our youths and to never ignore their hopes and aspirations that are brimmed with love and peace.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Egypt is deeply rooted in history and the gift of geography, and its character had been formed from the genius civilization and cultural diversity and had been able to contain all civilizations until it became the meeting point capable of collecting parties, overcoming conflicts, and achieving peace and stability. Moreover, Egypt’s sons seek sincerely taking off towards building and development, as we depend on our youths’ enthusiasm and ambition amidst complicated regional and international changes that imposed on Egypt and its people an inevitable confrontation against terrorism and extremism on behalf of all humanity. The events of this forum come as a practical proof that dialogue and discussion are the way to face the challenges, transcend conflicts to find ways and tools to go beyond the past mistakes, improve the present circumstances and build the future.

As I bet that the outcomes of this forum that gathered the world’s youths and unified their dreams were great and realistic. As I promised Egypt and world’s youths that the Egyptian state will take your side, I decided the following:

First: The Egyptian Aswan city is declared the capital of African Youth of 2019 in which the Arab-African Youth Forum will be launched to address the main issues of the African continent and Arab Zone.

Second: Egypt’s endorsement of Sharm El Sheikh Declaration on Arab-African Integration which was the fruit of the Arab-African Summit Simulation model.
Third: Entrusting the National Academy for Training and Empowerment with devising executive mechanisms to train Arab African youth in all political, economic and social fields by launching the presidential program for teaching young Africans essential leadership skills.
Fourth: Egypt’s adoption of the principle of protecting life and fighting terrorism and its direct and indirect impacts as a basic human right and the formation of a joint work group involving young participants of the WYF from all over the world and national Egyptian institutions to offer moral and financial support to victims of  terrorism across the globe.

Fifth: The establishment of a WYF-sponsored research group to study the pros and cons of the excessive use of social networks and draw up a comprehensive mechanism to make the optimal use of social networking to serve culture, knowledge and the society.

Sixth: The launch of an international initiative to train 10,000 young Egyptian and African people to become electronic game and software and applications programmers and developers over the next three years in addition to offering support to the establishment of 100 companies specialized in these sectors in Egypt and across the African Continent.

Seventh: The start of steps to establish an Egypt-headquartered regional center for entrepreneurship to offer support to startup enterprises in the country and across the region.
Eighth: The setting up of an ad hoc committee by the ministries of social solidarity and foreign affairs and the other bodies concerned in the State to prepare amendments to the law regulating the work of non-governmental and civil society organizations inside Egypt to be referred to the House of  Representatives to take its decision on them.

Ninth: Establishment of a committee to manage the Reviving Humanity Memorial in Sharm El-Sheikh. The sculptors of this memorial shall be members of this committee. This memorial shall be turned to an international institution that targets preserving the human principles and supporting victims of violence and terrorism.

Tenth: Egypt’s implementation of a campaign in collaboration with the WYF to raise awareness among youth about water security issues.

Honorable Audience, My Dear Youth Sons,

Both humanity, which faces great challenges most notably the spread of conflict and this world, which is looking for its humanity that is exhausted by the spread of poverty, ignorance and disease, are looking for hope for a better morrow and a more marvelous day. Our common end is to fill the world with peace, where children’s laughter rises, women live safely and youth become full with enthusiasm towards work and knowledge. We, also, aim that justice and stability would spread all over the whole universe. In this respect, with all honesty and impartiality, we have to sincerely take the sides of the dreams of our young people and do all our best ensuring that they will always be able to dream as well as to edit for the children and grand children bright pages in the book of morrow that are written with an ink of love, tolerance and brotherhood, which they can read safely and securely.

Allah who blew life in our hearts has associated it with peace. Therefore, preserving this life is enforcing the will of Allah and the means to reach peace.

Long live all the peoples of the world in peace,

Long live mankind in progress and prosperity,

Long live the world youths with work and sincerity.

Peace and Mercy and Blessings Be Upon You

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