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Economics Conferences & Exhibitions

(25 to 28 November 2018)

22nd edition of Cairo ICT

Sunday، 25 November 2018 - 01:21 PM

Under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the 22nd edition of the Cairo ICT will be held during the period 25 to 28 November 2018 under the theme "Driving Transformation". The exhibition, specialized in information technology, is one of the most important conferences in the field of technology in the Middle East. The exhibition is held in Cairo, Egypt for the second consecutive year.

Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli and Minister of Planning Hala Al-Saeed will participate in the Exhibition in addition to more than 500 international and local companies and emerging companies.

The Ministry of Planning will be responsible for the government wing, which will be attended by a number of ministers and representatives of public and private institutions.

The exhibition is dominated by the idea of digital transformation, in light of the current governmental directives towards automating services and facilitating citizens' access to them, as well as developing the various sectors of the state based on modern technological means.

The exhibition includes a number of incorporated events including:

Intelli-Cities: The 4th Intelligent and Connected Cities Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa

It combines the power of collocated conference with state-of-the-art expo floor that showcases cutting-edge technologies, real-world solutions and proven strategies taken up or need to be taken up by real estate developers and government bodies who seek to build more livable, workable, sustainable cities.

Innovation Arena: The 3rd Innovation Arena for the Middle East and Africa

This is an invitation for youth to be part of the Innovation Ecosystem in the Middle East and Africa, created within “The Innovation Arena” in its 3rd round in Cairo Egypt, as part of a massive technology week titled Cairo ICT 2018.

PAFIX: The 5th Payment, FinTech & Digital Inclusion Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa

PAFIX 2018, already in its 5th round, has been a voice that has been calling on banks and financial institutions to take up digital inclusion as a means to help themselves as much as to help the underserved population of our region.

DSS 2018: The 4th Defense, Security and Public Safety Technology Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa

The main focus of the event is to create a safe environment for citizens of these regions to live, work, travel, and enjoy every activity in their lives without feeling threatened by looming dangers of our times.

Learn-Tech MEA: The Learning Technology Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa

Learn-Tech MEA aims at bringing together governments, academics, educators, educational corporates and institutions to make education more relevant in the dynamic 21st century. We shall bring together thousands of educators from across Africa and the Middle East to deliberate the future of learning. Together, we’ll witness the latest educational technologies and trends, while at a variety of conference sessions; the future of education in the region will be wide-open. Learn-Tech MEA conference will discuss approaches, methodologies and best practices in education to be adopted.

Trans-MEA 2018: The Smart Transportation Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa

Trans MEA 2018 will explore cutting-edge solutions that will help make mobility safer, more inclusive and efficient. This exhibition and conference will pay special attention to the role of technology and digital platforms in the transition to sustainable transportation. Learn, grow and be inspired at the only all- inclusive transportation exhibition and conference that showcases the link between technology and transport and the link between transportation and development.

Dot-gov MEA 2018: The Government Transformation Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa

Many Africa countries will participate including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal. It includes extensive discussion sessions on the future of governments in the Middle East and Africa after applying the concept of digital transformation and improving the public sector in Egypt within the 2030 plan. Practical tips will be provided to implement the concept of smart government to encourage citizens to communicate with the government electronically, encourage governments to create interactive platforms to provide services, listen to industry experts and identify their aspirations for further investment in digital transformation.

President El Sisi inaugurates Cairo ICT 2018

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