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Extensive International Media Coverage for the First Day of the Referendum on Constitutional Amendments

Saturday، 20 April 2019 - 07:47 PM

The referendum on the constitutional amendments, which began Saturday April 20, and continues until Monday April 22, has been extensively covered in a wide range of newspapers and foreign media outlets.

The law regulating the work of the National Election Authority, an independent body composed of 10 judges chosen by the Supreme Judicial Council and private and higher councils of judicial bodies and authorities, has the right to set rules in accordance with Article 3 of paragraph 13 of the law, which provides for “the setting of rules for the follow-up of referenda and elections by the media, Egyptian and foreign civil society organizations and others, and agents of the candidates, and to monitor compliance with those rules”.

Accordingly, in line with the procedures established by the National Election Authority, the Authority has granted the right to cover the referendum on the constitutional amendments within the polling centers, assemblies and stations for 4300 Egyptian journalists and media personnel, while foreign correspondents accredited to the State Information Service were granted 548 permits. The list of foreign correspondents includes representatives of 127 press and media organizations, including 32 news agencies, 43 television channels, 13 radio stations and 39 newspapers, distributed across the world, including 41 European, 23 American, 27 Asian and 36 Arab media organizations.

It should be noted that the permits issued by the National Election Authority give the right to journalists and media professionals to enter polling centers, assemblies and stations, while Egyptian laws, including the rules regulating press and media work and for those who enjoy such rules and are subject to them, guarantee the right to cover the referendum from outside these premises.

At 3:00 pm, the Operations Room of the State Information Service (SIS) did not receive any complaints from accredited correspondents in Egypt while covering the referendum.

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