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Nasser Leadership Fellowship

Wednesday، 15 May 2019 - 11:59 AM

Egypt seeks, within the framework of its chairmanship of the African Union in 2019, to play its mandated role in enhancing the role of African youth through providing them with all forms of support, rehabilitation and training, as well as empowering them to occupy leadership positions and benefiting from their abilities and ideas.

The Nasser Fellowship is one of the mechanisms to implement the Million by 2021 initiative, launched to empower and develop young people in Africa by building the capacities of one million young Africans in the areas of education, employment, entrepreneurship and participation by 2021, same objective that the Nasser Fellowship strives to achieve in the educational sector.

What is Nasser Fellowship for Transformational Leadership?

Nasser Fellowship is the first (African-African) fellowship to target young African executive leaders with diverse operational disciplines within their communities, as well as one of the critical mechanisms of empowerment of the African transformational leadership endorsed by the African Union’s Agenda (in text) in order to stimulate and promote African values through self-reliance, solidarity, hard work, collective prosperity, building on the African successes, experiences and best practices for the formulation of the African model of transformation and development. The Fellowship is also one of the mechanisms of "harnessing the demographic dividend through investment in youth" in conjunction with the assumption by Egypt of the presidency of the African Union in 2019.

What is the implementing body?

- Ministry of Youth and Sports (African Youth Bureau - Central Administration of the Parliament and Civic Education).

The Academic Partner

- Faculty of African Post Graduates Studies, Cairo University.

What are the objectives of the Fellowship?

- Implement the recommendation of the 2nd Pan African Youth Forum on the Education Sector entitled #1Millionby2021.

- Transfer of the Egyptian experience in national institution building.

- Create a new generation of young African transformational leadership whose vision is in line with the orientations of Egypt's presidency of the African Union, and which is committed to serving the objectives of African unity through integration.

- Hold a meeting of the most influential African leaders at the continental level through the implementation of the necessary training, skills enhancement and application of strategic visions.

What is the timeline of the Fellowship?

- Two weeks (from 8 to 22 June 2019).

What are the selection criteria?

- The applicant must be a non-Egyptian African and non-resident in Egypt.

- Passport valid for 6 months after the end of the Fellowship.

- English speaking proficiency (Speaking, Reading and Writing).

- Experience in fieldwork.

- The applicant shall have the nationality of an African Union country or African Diaspora.

- If you get chosen, an appointment will be set for an interview (via Skype).

- An email will be sent if you get accepted.


To submit your application, please fill out the participation form via the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtaeMEzvmHHb8BkVEaZN9ZOXNef64ydnrAW0ffsTLjsU-tnw/viewform

Deadline for applications is May 15, the admitted candidates will be contacted from May 13 as a first phase.

The Fellowship, to be implemented June 8-22 at the Al-Gezirah Civic Education Center, targets around 100 young leaders from the African Union member States.



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