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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Statement in Closing Session of National Youth Conference

Sunday، 04 August 2019 - 02:08 PM

Egypt’s Great Youths,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, I address Egypt’s promising youths and great people. My pleasure mixed with hope in possessing the genuine ability to bring our legal dreams and national ambitions to reality for dear Egypt.

Now, we are present altogether on the soil of our new capital that embodies the future dream for an unconquerable, stable and unshakable      homeland capable of containing its citizens, overcoming challenges and defeating hardships confidently.

Egypt’s Youths,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since you had mandated me to assume office, I committed to what I had learnet in my career and human history whether in the Egyptian traditional and genuine alley or the time-honored military insituation that enhanced my deep belief in this homeland’s unlimited ability and my absolute confidence in its people’s strong determination. Without the Egyptians’ will, we couldn’t face all challenges, no achievement wouldn’t be accomplished and the world wouldn’t respond to our vision that “The Egyptian citizen is the real hero in our holy battle for survival and construction”.

I have a great pleasure when I participate in the national and vital Egyptian youths conferences. Every time, my admiration grows up when I follow up their good dialogue bused on national, objective and scientific pillars that prove that we have common interests more than that divide us in terms of our difference points.

Out of my keenness to bolster this experiment which is developing and progressing, I have decided the following:

First: Turning the simulation model of the Egyptian state into a permanent dialogue model and forming groups that are joined by the top graduates of the presidential youth leadership program and young   members of the political parties as well as researchers to be continuously in contact with the government and state institutions to exchange views on all topics serving the national action.

Second: Forming youth working groups to assist state bodies and institutions in following up mega national projects under the super vision of the Cabinet and ministries concerned.

Third: The government must adopt a plan that had been drawn out by the youths to upgrade Ras Al-Teen Zone, provided that the Egyptian estate developers have to execute this project.

Fourth: The cabinet should follow up the recommendations made by the simulation government.

Fifth: Launching the national project to develop the most needy villages within the “Decent Life” initiative and making an integration with the poverty uprooting strategy to achieve targets of the sustainable development.

Sixth: Entrusting the cabinet to rapidly provide a concept for the draft laws of the municipalities and Senate to submit them to the House of Representatives during the coming session, and starting training and qualifying the youths on the political and municipal work to enlarge the political participation of the youths.

Seventh: Tasking the youths of the simulation model in coordination with the cabinet and the parties concerned to commence implementation of a governmental marketing strategy immediately.

Eighth: Entrusting the government to establish a headquarters for the National Training Academy in the New Administrative Capital. This headquarters shall include a centre to train the Arab and African youths.

Ninth: Tasking the cabinet and all state institutions to launch a national project of digitization and carry out the governance system nationwide, provided that the experimental operation will start in Port Said.

Egypt’s Great People,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Honourable Audience,

My absolute confidence in Egypt’s genuineness and its people’s greatness besides its youths’ energy push me always to look for the hope and dream that couldn’t come true without you.

Truly speaking, the Egyptian citizen had born with strong steadfastness and resolution the side effects of the economic reform measures and challenges the terrorist attempts.

We all honestly work for Egypt and its future. Egypt which engages in the battle of survival and construction in behalf of the humanity. Dear Egypt will always remain a state of peace and construction.

Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt

May Allah’s Peace and Mercy Be Upon You

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