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Speech of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to the G7-Africa Partnership Summit

Monday، 26 August 2019 - 03:55 PM

Your Excellency, President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron,

Heads and Leaders of States and Governments,

Heads of International Organizations and Institutions,

Thanks to the kind invitation extended by the President of the French Republic, it is my pleasure to participate, on behalf of the African Union (AU), in the activities of the G7 Summit, to convey the aspirations of the peoples of our continent. They seek to achieve peace and sustainable development, as well as interregional just and sustained partnership between us, based on the principle of common interest and established on previous endeavors in this regard.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We all know the gravity of the challenges facing the developing states, including the African ones, in their endeavor to improve the standard of living of their peoples and achieve sustainable development, besides the obstacles, represented in the existing, the hectic accelerating and the interconnected events of the international and regional crises to achieve these goals. There is no alternative to our continued inter-dialogue and being increasingly engaged in dealing with these crises, in line with common and reciprocal interests, as well as with the rules of democracy that should prevail and cement in international relations.

Out of this concept, we do not need to review the challenges facing our African continent in detail; however we need to co-work to seek solutions, according to the priorities of the countries of the continent. Our co-work should be based on the long-standing relationship between the achievement of development in all dimensions on the one hand, and maintenance of security and stability on the other.

As the foregoing crises constitute the general perspective of the challenges facing our continent, as the situation in Libya is of great gravity and seriousness; thus, it should be addressed in particular.

Due to the threat posed by terrorist organizations and the security liquidity shown in the proliferation of armed militias, the impact of the exacerbated situation in Libya, not only on the security and stability of its citizens, but also on neighboring countries, requires pooling the international efforts to put an end to such crisis and threat, along with ensuring and preserving the safety, abilities and resources of the brotherly Libyan people.

The way out of the crisis in Libya is well known; it only needs a political will and sincerity to begin a comprehensive political settlement process, addressing all aspects of the crisis. The solution should be topped by restoring stability, eliminating terrorism and militia chaos, ending foreign interferences, ensuring justice and transparency in distribution and spending of state resources, and completing unity of the Libyan institutions as provided for in the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA).

In this regard, the development of Africa must be based on a collective will that targets settling the continent's crises and countering terrorism in all its forms for its destructive impacts on all levels especially on the development efforts. Thus, this necessitates a genuine accountability of those who fund and support it and preservation of the state of nation and its institutions. All this will contribute to achieve security, stability as well as saving young people from extremism and illegal migration. So that we can focus on establishing effective mechanisms to overcome poverty, reduce unemployment, control endemic diseases and combat climate change.  

Those challenges make incumbent upon us to cooperate for facing them. Our African countries own promising opportunities and various capabilities that qualify it to be a trustful partner for the international community. We have a big market, major human resources and other attractive elements mainly the efforts of developing the African infrastructure through implementing the continental and energy projects in all its forms. This aims at achieving a regional and continental integration, besides the endeavors of liberation of the intra-continental trade through activation of the African Continental Free Trade Area and steps of enhancing the economic role of the private sector. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our dealing with bases of the sustainable development won’t be integrated without tackling the priorities and continent’s efforts to achieve gender equity and empowering of women, believing in the African women’s ability to push our development march forward. In spite of what had been achieved in this domain, however, the aspired-for outcomes won’t come without providing the proper environment through supply of finance and access to the markets and modern technology in a way that helps in launching the African women’s capabilities through education and building of abilities.

To complete the efforts exerted to empower women, digitization is considered one of the economic catalysts, establishment of varied and competitive economies and creation of modern societies that support knowledge and innovation and attract investments.

Thus, we seek support of our partners of the Group and international finance institutions to enhance the continent’s capabilities in this field in a bid to reach creative solutions for our challenges mainly unemployment.

I don’t miss the opportunity to mention to importance of fighting corruption on the global level because this phenomenon badly affects the economic efficiency and investment environment in general. This was clear in holding the “First African Anti-Corruption Forum” in Sharm El Sheikh in June 2019. A package of related recommendations were adopted including laying down frameworks to force the international commercial banks refund the deposits gained from illegal practices to the African states.       

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the continent agreed to lay down a general framework to achieve its development, I stress anew the principle of finding African solutions to the African problems and vitality of boosting the structure of the continental peace and security, making the best use of this opportunity to highlight the major importance of Sahel and Sahara area and its available resources and opportunities in addition to the challenges it faces. So, I call upon the international community to support all efforts exerted by the Sahel and Sahara states whether on the national level or by the African Union through a comprehensive approach that deals with all political, security and development challenges of this area and settle radically their reasons.

In conclusion, out of the joint interests between our continent and your Group, I am looking forward to reach tangible results, reflecting our agreed upon-vision to our renewed partnership in a way that integrates with the efforts of other frameworks binding us. This will be made by taking serious steps consistent with our national plans and 2063 Agenda that bears the continent’s vision to achieve its sustainable development in a way that connects with the UN Sustainable Development Targets 2030 and void of any ideas that may produce unbearable additional burdens or set political conditions.

Thank you



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