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Youth are country’s future and hope, taking care of them, providing proper preparation possibilities and covetous help to save society entity, survivor and sustainability.

Youth are responsible for passing society culture, systems, ways of thinking, science, literature and arts, they also save Social heritage and social values, and move it on to other societies.

 Youth welfare fields are as follows:


Political participation:

Political participants is one of the most important pillars of democracy. Egypt help youth to play an active political role, especially after their success in mobilizing political life after 25th January and 30th June revolutions.  They participated with great role in the  success of both Revolutions and sacrificed their lives in order to achieve their goals, which led them to participate actively in political life, and then the establishment of many parties and youth coalitions.


 Providing job opportunities:

Egypt striving  hard to provide job opportunities for youth, absorbing annual increase in work demanding, through encouraging investors to stablish new projects and offer loans for youth to start micro projects.


Youth and volunteering

Youth social participation and volunteering is one of Community Development, advancement approaches, and enhancing the quality of citizen life, it also it is a means to reintegrate young people into society, support belonging and allegiance, in addition to gaining alot of personal skills.



Education is a key goal of the state plan, This appears in improving youth education represented in increasing in the total enrolment ratio in basic and secondary education, reduction in illiteracy rate of youth, and increasing proportion of young people with different kinds of certificates.

Social care

Country is keen on provide social care for its citizens especially youth, to enhance their abilities and increase it through caring about different activities such as sport, welfare programs, besides giving proper interest in the religious side and deepen it.


Egyptian Youth Day:

National Council of Youth celebrating Egyptian Youth Day on 9th February annually, which coincide with Cairo university students’ sacrifice in “Abbas bridge” accident in Giza, as This day is one of the immortal days in the history of student and youth movement in Egypt.

Celebrations include youth rallies in governorates capitals led by police music which plays national anthems.


This idea was suggestion of former National Council of Youth’s head Dr. Mohammad Safiuddin Kharboush to youth which were contributing in “second national conference of Egypt’s youth” held in Alexandria in august 2008.

He suggested three national events on them to choose one to be the youth day, national leader Mostafa kamel’s day of birth, the day of his speech in Alexandria where he said "If I were not an Egyptian, I would like to be an Egyptian", or the memory of the martyrs of the university.

More than 74% of youth agreed to choose “memory of the martyrs of the university” on 9 February every year to be Egyptian Youth Day.

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