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Persons with disabilities rights in law

Thursday، 19 December 2019 - 12:12 PM

law No.36 /1975 about rehabilitation of persons with disabilities


It contained some articles about caring and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities which published in the official gazette on July 3,1975 edition No.27.


law No.36 /1975 about rehabilitation of persons with disabilities:


It summed up a group of texts of laws No.91 /1959, 63 :1964, 133 /1964, 58 /1971, 61 /1971.

Here under important articles that serve the persons with disabilities:


Article (1)

 “the provisions of the law shall be applied to all  persons with disabilities who hold the Egyptian nationality’.


Article (2)

A Disabled person is any person who has become unable to depend on himself in the performance of his work or other work and stability in it, and his ability to do so due to organic, mental, sensory or congenital disability since birth.


Rehabilitation of a disabled person means provision of social, psychological, medical, educational and vocational services that he/she needs to overcome effects of their disability.


Article (9)

Employers who have 50 laborers or more in the private sector must use 5% of the total number of labor force in the unit. the employer is obliged to employ a Percentage of disabled persons (5%) either with workforce recommendation or without it on the condition of getting Social Rehabilitation certificate.


Article (10)

Disabled persons who got Social Rehabilitation certificates, have the right to get 5% of the total level three vacancies in the administrative apparatus of the State, public authorities, and economic units.


Article (11)

Minister of Social Affairs may, after agreement with the competent minister, issue a decision to allocate certain jobs in the administrative apparatus of the State, public bodies, public institutions and economic units affiliated to it, for special needs persons with qualification certificates within the limits indicated in the previous article.


Article (16)

anyone who violates article 9 shall be subjected  to a fine not exceeding thirty pounds and imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month or one of these two penalties

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