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New formation of christian regional councils

Thursday، 23 January 2020 - 11:52 AM
Pope Tawadros II

Pope Tawadros II issued papal decision No. 14 of 2018 on the formation of the regional and parochial councils of the personal status of the new session, which begins on 1st July 2018 and ends on 30th June 2021.

 The decree reads as follows:

The formation of the regional and parochial personal status circles of the Coptic Orthodox Church (2018-2021) cycle, as follows:

First: Personal Status Department in America and Canada:

1- Bishop Karas, Bishop of Pennsylvania and its accessories.

2- Father Jeremiah Theophilus.

3- Reverend Tadros Al Masry.

4- Reverend Mark Ayoub.

5- Mr. Joseph Ghabbour – lawyer.

6- Dr. Suzi Onsi Beshay - doctor.


 Second: The Personal Status Department in Europe


1- Bishop Giovanni, Bishop of Hungary and its accessories.

2- Bishop Youssef Mansour (Eindhoven - Netherlands).

3- Bishop Bishoy Michel (Manchester, England).

4- Bishop Youssef Khalil (Budapest - Hungary).

5- Dr. Maggie Youssef – Netherlands.

6- The Lawyer: Due to the different laws of the family and other issues in European countries, we turn to a legal adviser from the country to be examined case when needed.


Third: Department of Personal Status in Asia and Australia


1- Bishop Domadios, Bishop of 6th of October and Osim.

2- Father John Zakaria (Sharjah - UAE)

3- Bishop Anthony Jacob Mikhail (6 October).

4- Father Tadros Semaan Moussa (Sydney - Australia).

5- Mr. Magdy Zakaria Fakhry – lawyer.

6- Dr. Samah Fawzy Atallah - Doctor.


Fourth: Personal Status Department in Cairo, Giza and Africa

1- Priest Markus, Bishop of Cairo.

2- Reverend Youssef Gayed Souiha.

3- Reverend Elijah Shukri Sadek.

4- Reverend Athanasius Fahmi Mina.

5- Mr. Fathi Ragheb Hanna – lawyer.

6- Dr. Nancy Mahrous Wahba - doctor.


Fifth: Department of Personal Status in Alexandria and lower Egypt

1-Bishop Mark, Bishop of Shubra El-Kheima.

2- Bishop Hedrs Lamee.

3- Reverend Abram Emil.

4- Father Gerges Tawfiq.

5- Mr. Samuel Gaid Isaac – lawyer.

6- Dr. Suzan Suleiman Hanna - doctor.

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