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Presidential Activity December 2019

Sunday، 02 February 2020 - 03:06 PM

President's meetings with officials

December 5: President Essisi met with Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Minister of Planning and Follow-up, and head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration.
The meeting discussed developments of the implementation plan for the transition of different ministries and government agencies to the new administrative capital.

December 7:During his meeting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Youth and Sports, President Essisi directed to continue developing mechanisms for discovering and refining sporting talents among young people in various governorates at the level of the Republic. He also directed to have an integrated vision to establish and develop infrastructure and facilities for the sports system in Egypt.

December 8: President Essisi met with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Higher Education and the Minister of Communications. The meeting discussed various axes for the development of the higher education and scientific research sector, and the executive position of national projects in that sector.

December 9: President Essisi met with head of the Suez Canal Authority Lieutenant General Osama Rabie. The meeting dealt with following up the executive position regarding the ongoing development process in the Suez Canal Authority and its projects. President Essisi instructed to continue accomplishing all ongoing projects in the Suez Canal Authority. 

December 22: President Abdel Fattah Essisi witnessed the swearing-in of a number of ministers and new deputy ministers, who are: Prime Minister, Dr. Mostafa Kamal Madbouli Mohamed, Minister for Investment Affairs, and Minister for Administrative Reform.

December 24: President Sisi met with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture. During the meeting, the President directed the rehabilitation of cultural palaces at the
level of the Republic to enable them to achieve the desired goals in terms of
spreading awareness and teaching arts to young people.

 December 24: President Abdel Fattah Essisi met with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport, and the meeting discussed a review of the executive position of the current
projects of the Ministry of Transport, on top of which is the rail network development project, and the President directed the establishment of a central station for the Upper Egypt railway.

December 28: President Sisi met with the Prime Minister and a number of ministers and senior officials. The meeting dealt with a number of issues, foremost of which was a review of the latest developments in the security situation and combating terrorism. The meeting also touched on a number of issues, including developments in the political situation at the International and regional levels.

December 29: During his meeting with the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Finance, Health and Population, the President directed the launch of an initiative for "health of pregnant women" during the month of January, in order to detect and treat diseases in the mother and prevent its transmission to the fetus.

December 30: President Sisi held a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, and the meeting discussed a review of the current and future projects and plans of the Ministry, as well as the vision of the Ministry after integrating the tourism and antiquities sectors.

Field Tours

December 1: President Abdel Fattah Essisi opened the Cairo International Exhibition for Communications and Information Technology which comes within the framework of infusing technology with the latest scientific standards in various cities, governorates and new urban communities currently under construction.

December 3: President Essisi inaugurated a number of development and service projects in Damietta Governorate, and opened Ellessan Hotel in Ras el-Bar, and a number of housing projects, including Dar Masr project and social housing, as well as transforming the West Damietta gas power station 2 project to work as a combined cycle in Damietta Governorate.

December 12: President Essisi praised the role of the Egyptian woman during the past ten years, during his participation in the session (Enhancing the Role of the African Woman to achieve Peace, Security and Development), stressing that Egyptian women moved strongly in 2013 to protect their homeland and future generations and preserve the Egyptian identity.

December 14: President Essisi made an inspection tour by bike on Saturday 14 December 2019 in Sharm El-Sheikh. He visited the branch of King Salman International University.

December 15: The President visited the Salon of the Egyptian Center for intellect and Strategic Studies within the framework of the World Youth Forum in its third edition in
the Conference Hall in Sharm Essheikh.

The center seeks to display different visions and alternatives on strategic issues at the local, regional and international levels.

December 15: President Abdel Fattah Essisi visited the Entrepreneur Zone in the framework of the third World Youth Forum at the Conference Hall in Sharm Essheikh, where the region includes innovative models of work and companies founded by young people.

December 15: President Essisi explained during his participation in the session (enhancing cooperation between the Mediterranean countries in facing challenges), that Egypt considers all refugees on its lands as guests , and is not acceptable or allowed to maltreat them.

December 16: President Abdel-Fattah Essisi visited the exhibition of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in the framework of the activities of the World Youth Forum and reviewed the project named ( Mawadda) meaning "affection " to protect the identity of Egyptian family.

December 16: President Abdel-Fattah Essisi witnessed the closing session of the Union for the Mediterranean simulation model, and the president proposed during the session launching the Euro-Mediterranean region for higher education, science and researches in the new city of El Alamein in 2021.

December 16: President Essisi pointed out during his meeting with the representatives of the foreign press in Egypt that the problem of our region during the past ten years is the plain and severe interferannce in the affairs of countries,  which leads to devastation, which is  inadmissible.

 December 25: President Essisi witnessed the opening of the integrated animal production complex in Fayoum Governorate, which aims to reduce the food gap in animal protein and work to provide it with quantities, quality and appropriate prices within the reach of the citizen.

December 24: President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi visited the exhibition of the medical convoy to examine the disabled and view the activity of convoys.

Aswan Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa.

December 11: President Abdel Fattah Essisi witnessed the launch of the activities of the first edition of the Aswan Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa, held in the capital of African youth Aswan.

December 11: During his speech at the first session of the Aswan Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development, President Essisi stressed the necessity of joining all regional and international efforts to support security and stability in the African continent, based on the principle of state sovereignty and the central role of governments in formulating peace agreements and development plans in accordance with national priorities.

December 11:President Essisi held an official dinner banquet to honor the heads of state and heads of delegations participating in the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development, and made clear during his speech that there is no peace without development, and that there is no development without security, peace and stability, and this is the message of the Aswan Forum to launch an international framework for cooperation for peace And construction and development.

December 13: President Abdel Fattah Essisi stressed, during the closing session of the activities of the "Aswan Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa", that the Forum addressed the most prominent issues facing the African continent from the perspective of the integrative relationship between peace and security on the one hand and sustainable and comprehensive development on the other.

President Essisi receives Egyptian athletes

December 7: President Essisi received a group of Egyptian athletes, and praised the achievements of the heroes, and their contribution to raising Egypt's prestige in the regional and international sports arena. The president granted the Sports Medal to the sports champions.

World Youth Forum

December 13: PresidentAbdel Fattah Essisi heads to Sharm El-Sheikh to participate in the World Youth Forum in the city of Peace: Sharm Esheikh.

December 13: The President and his wife witnessed the opening of the World Youth Theater activities in its second edition within the activities of the World Youth Forum in Sharm Esheikh.

December 13: President Abdel Fattah Essisi delivered a speech during which he announced the launch of the World Youth Forum in its third edition, to be a platform through which we send to the entire world a message of love and peace; a message of pride based on constructive dialogue through which we affirm our will and determination to
move towards a better future.
December 15: During his participation in the session of (the current challenges to international peace and security), the President stressed that terrorism is a diabolical industry the worst of which is manipulating intellect and belief to achieve personal goals and interests, calling for solidarity in supporting countries facing terrorism towards a better future.
December 16: President Abdel-Fattah Essisi witnessed the session "Artificial Intelligence and Humans ...which is which..in control ", and the President stressed that Egypt will open a new series of universities during the next academic year, with all modern science, to contribute to preparing the Egyptian youth for the labor market. (Video)

December 17: President Abdel Fattah Essisi participated with the youth of the world in the activities of the Peace Marathon, which was organized by the Forum in Sharm Essheikh.

The President said in his speech during the closing session that Egypt confronted the forces of evil on behalf of the world, and that there is no room for conflict or war, and stressed that his confidence in Egypt's youth is boundless and that the success of the Youth Forum in achieving its goals was evident after adopting its decisions internationally.

Official Visits to Egypt
 December 10: President Abdel-Fattah Essisi received the President of South Africa, and the meeting witnessed a discussion of prospects of strengthening bilateral cooperation, as
it was agreed on the importance of holding the ninth session of the joint committee between the two countries early next year 2020, to discuss areas of cooperation of mutual interest.

December 11:
President Abdel-Fattah Essisi received Senegalese President Macky Sall on the sidelines of the first session of the Aswan Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development.
The meeting between the two presidents discussed ways to deepen bilateral cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and extremist ideology in the African continent

December 12: During his meeting with the Nigerian President, President Essisi stressed the importance of continuing to enhance trade and mutual investments between Egypt and Nigeria, praising the growing cooperation between the two countries in the field of capacity building through the various programs organized by the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development.

December 12: President Essisi received, President of the Republic of Comoros, Ghazali Othman and expressed Egypt's aspiration to activate frameworks of joint cooperation with the Republic of Comoros at various levels, work to raise the rates of trade exchange between the two countries, and support the development and capacity-building and cadres in Comoros.

December 15: President Abdel Fattah Essisi received the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and stressed the stability of the Egyptian stance on the Palestinian issue and the seperation of the two states  and the establishment of a Palestinian state in terms of the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

President's meetings with foreign officials
December 2: President Sisi received the credentials of 9 new ambassadors, and wished them success in their duties in Cairo, stressing Egypt's keenness to enhance bilateral relations with their countries in all fields.

December 9: President Essisi received the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Montenegro, and stressed Egypt's keenness to advance the aspects of joint cooperation between the two countries in various fields. The meeting witnessed discussions on ways to enhance bilateral military cooperation including joint drills and exchange of experiences.

December 15: President Abdel Fattah Essisi received the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, “FAO”, and discussed a number of topics of joint cooperation between Egypt and the organization, as well as ways to enhance development cooperation between Egypt, African countries and the organization.

December 16: President Abdel Fattah Essisi received the Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization "UNIDO", and the meeting witnessed discussions on ways of cooperation between the two sides to promote comprehensive and sustainable industrial development in Egypt.

December 16: President Elssisi received the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the meeting witnessed discussions on ways to enhance cooperation between the two sides, especially in the framework of working to activate the important role of the Agency to ensure the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology worldwide.

December 19: President Abdel Fattah Essisi received Minister of State and member of the Saudi Cabinet, Dr. Issam bin Saeed. The President expressed Egypt's aspiration to continue
developing the horizons of constructive cooperation and consultation between the two countries in various fields, to achieve the common interest of the Egyptian and Saudi peoples.

December 24: President Essisi received on Tuesday 24/12/2019, the Arab Ministers of Higher Education, on the sidelines of their participation in the seventeenth conference of ministers responsible for higher education and scientific research in the Arab world, and the meeting witnessed an exchange of views between the President and the group of ministers on various Arab experiences In higher education and scientific research.

December 31: President Sisi directed, during his meeting with the President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, to continue efforts to develop and modernize the organization in order to meet the requirements of the country's sustainable development plans, in line with the policy of achieving optimal exploitation of resources.

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