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Six Years of Achievements..Youth Empowerment

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Sisi’s efforts over the past 6 years to rehabilitate youth

Youth represent about 60% of the total population of Egypt, and the state depends on them for modern development plans . Youth empowerment is a  word that was like a dream in Egypt, until President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi assumed power in 2014 and put youth and their assuming of office on top of his priorities, and this was evident in the Egyptian state’s taking Several steps towards that goal at all levels..

First: Assigning leadership positions to youth

With Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi assuming the presidency of the Republic, practical steps have emerged in integrating young people into various executive institutions

During his meeting with young investors and businessmen in May 2014, he stressed the need to have "within the ministries, government agencies and governorates" a considerable number of young people who have t  ability to give and work.

El-Sisi also pledged to train those  young people in Nasser Military Academy, which the Academy has already begun to implement the training  in 2014 by organizing courses on the topic of "national strategy and national security" in which large numbers of young people working in government bodies participated.

Deputy Ministers

Then the decision of Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab, No. 1592 of 2014, was issued to authorize the ministers to choose their assistants. Indeed, many ministries have begun to implement the decision, and the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities is considered the first to implement Resolution 1592 of 2014, where the then  Minister of Housing, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly issued the first inter-ministerial decision No. 93 of 2015 to appoint 4 assistants for him, in each body separately, so appointing assistants for urban planning, urban communities and facilities, Madbouly not only chose his assistants, but also issued a ministerial decision to appoint engineering assistants from the youth for the heads of the new city bodies for a year. Then several ministries followed the same steps


Governors reshuffle 2019


As political leadership believes in the competence and ability of youth generation to assume leadership positions and build the Egyptian state, the Governors Reshuffle in  2019 included actual representation of youth, which confirms undoubtedly that empowerment has come true and not a slogan.

The reshuffle, included 39 new leaders: governors and deputies, among them are 60% of young people, which included the selection of 16 governors and 23 deputies, and the number of youth hit 25 leaders, including two governors, and 23 deputy governors..

The state gave a real opportunity to 8 young members of the presidential program,(PLP) while women won the highest representation in the position of deputy governor, by 30% of the total of the new reshuffle, by appointing 7 female deputies to the new governors, with skills, scientific and academic experience.

To complete the empowerment of all Egyptian state entities, 5 young people have been chosen to coordinate parties and politicians, at 20% of the number of deputies. With this step, the state will complete steps that it started 5 years ago in a development process that started and launched for a better future.

Assistants system of the Prime Minister and Ministers

The Cabinet approved, during its meeting on February 12, 2020, headed by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, a draft resolution on the system of assistants of the Prime Minister and Ministers, as an alternative to the system established by Prime Minister Decision No. 612 of 2017, amended by Resolution No. 1273 of 2019.

The draft resolution stipulates that assistants should be chosen for the prime minister and ministers not exceeding ten, through contracting, total assignment, or secondment for a renewable period of one year, and it also stipulates that these jobs should be in accordance with a decision issued by the competent authority determining the title and tasks of each job, after having  the approval of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration. The draft resolution specified the conditions that must be met to assume those positions.

According to the draft resolution, a database will be established in the Central Authority for Organization and Administration on the occupying assistants, provided that the competent authority evaluates the performance of assistants, according to specific estimates based on objective criteria.

Youth Empowerment mechanisms

 1-    "The Presidential Program to Qualify Youth for Leadership"

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched on 9/13/2015, "The Presidential Program for Qualifying Youth for Leadership" with the aim of creating a strong and rich base of youth competencies in order to be eligible for political, administrative, and community work in the country. The program launched an official website and page on the social media under the slogan: " Long Live Egypt with the power of youth. "

The program is based on informing the youth of the latest theories of management and scientific and practical planning, and increasing its ability to apply modern methods to confront the problems surrounding the Egyptian state.

The program, according to a website launched to register and publicize its goals, is an independent entity affiliated to the Presidency of the Republic, and is managed through a specialized professional department and a number of state and civil society organizations and institutions..

Graduates of the program obtain a professional academic certificate after passing the various stages of the program, which include three main pivots (political and strategic sciences / administrative sciences and the art of leadership / social and human sciences) in addition to sports, cultural and artistic activities.

The program applies an educational model based on the concept of acquiring experiences, where students receive the scientific material in the form of theoretical lectures, followed by direct practical application through the application of simulations for different models. During the program period, students also meet a number of figures of thought and culture to enrich their knowledge base.

The program vision includes creating and modernizing a strong and rich base of young talents who are able to take charge of political and administrative work in various fields and government sectors in a short time, where they are familiar with the latest management theories and practical and scientific planning, and their ability to apply modern methods with high efficiency, excellent productivity, perfect cost and timing, are being tested. This rule represents the nucleus of a productive working society which understands the complex nature of the challenges facing the country, and has enough political knowledge and moral identity to confront terrorism, corruption, and destruction of society.

The program’s mission also lies in extending the base of youth participation in the state’s administration, preparing thousands of young people to take leadership positions, creating a model for professional and practical training that is easy to replicate on a wider scale, and supporting government bodies and ministries with real competencies that are able to improve performance, productivity, and solve chronic problems and raising the levels of political and cultural awareness, by giving a comprehensive picture of the political, governmental and institutional management systems, and providing direct communication between the state and its institutions and hundreds of thousands of young people, directly and without intermediaries.

National Academy for Youth Training and Qualification

The President issued presidential decree No. 434 of 2017 establishing the National Academy for Training and Qualifying Youth, which aims to meet the human development requirements of youth cadres in all sectors of the country and upgrading their capabilities and skills.

The establishment of this academy came as one of the directives of the first national youth conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2016 approved by President El-Sisi.

The National Academy is the national project for building human being, as nations advance through their youth

Over the past years, the Academy graduated 3 batches of the Presidential Leadership Qualification Program(PLP), which included 1,500 young men and women at the age of twenties and thirties 20 and 30 year old from all the governorates of Egypt and on the way to graduating the fourth batch.

Second: Egyptian youth conferences

President El-Sisi is the first Egyptian president to create a channel to communicate continuously with youth, to know their proposals on the development of the Egyptian state, through youth conferences and forums that make for a dialogue platform between young people and representatives of the Egyptian government and its various community-based institutions on youth issues from all countries of the world in general and the Egyptian youth in particular.

These conferences are an opportunity to reveal the facts and clarify the size of the challenges, and contribute to preparing youth leaders who shoulder the responsibility, as it is a positive opportunity for communication between youth and political leadership, by listening to their views, ideas, proposals and discussions on issues that concern the Egyptian society, and achieve huge gains for this category in addition to achieving several gains for the Egyptian state on various levels, whether political, touristic or economic.

First National Youth Conference (Sharm El-Sheikh 2016)

 The first national youth conference was held in Sharm El-Sheikh in October 2016, with the participation of more than 3000 young men and women from different governorates of the Republic. Its recommendations are as follows:

Forming a national committee of young people, under the direct supervision of the Presidency of the Republic, conducting a comprehensive examination and review of the position of imprisoned young people, with no judicial rulings issued against them.


The presidency of the Republic, in coordination with the Cabinet and a group of youth figures, prepares a political vision to inaugurate a national center for training and qualifying and rehabilitating young cadres.

- The presidency of the Republic in coordination with all state agencies holds a monthly youth conference attended by an appropriate number of youth representatives from all walks and trends of life through which the position of all recommendations and decisions issued by the first national youth conference will be displayed and reviewed.

The government, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the state, studies proposals and projects to amend the protest law.

The government prepares to organize a comprehensive community dialogue for the development and reform of education within a maximum range of one month, to be attended by all specialists and experts with the aim of putting a national working paper for educational reform outside the traditional tracks.

Inviting youth of political parties to prepare programs and policies that contribute to spreading the culture of volunteerism through all political means and tools.

Mandating the government in coordination with the parliament to expedite the issuance of legislation regulating the media and the completion of the formation of bodies and councils organizing journalistic and media work.

The government, in cooperation with Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the Egyptian Church, and all concerned parties in the state, organizes a broad community dialogue to consolidate values, principles, and ethics, and lay sound foundations for correcting religious discourse.

The second regular youth conference (Aswan 2017)

The second regular youth conference was held in Aswan in January 2017, and more than 1,300 young men and women from Upper Egypt participated, and its recommendations were as follows:

Establishing the supreme authority for the development of southern Egypt.

End all development projects in Nasr El-Noba and Karkar Valley, and allocating an amount of 320 million pounds to finish these projects before the end of June 2018.

Launching a national project to establish integrated industrial areas for small and micro industries, and the first stage of it begins with the construction of 200 small factories in each of the governorates of Upper Egypt within six months.

Work is continuous to extend the scope of social protection measures through the development of a "solidarity and dignity" program, to include employment programs for sons of families covered by the program through the launch of intensive – labor projects.

Increasing efforts directed at bettering the living standard in Upper Egypt by working to continue intensifying efforts in the areas of health, education, transportation and housing.

Accelerating the implementation of the Golden Triangle Qena - Safaga - Al-Qusair project through five consecutive stages, which aims to establish mining industries and international tourism regions, so that this triangle becomes a global region attracting investment.

Turning Aswan into the capital of the African economy and culture, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the Abu Simbel temple for the tourist promotion of Egypt, and undertaking a grand ceremony for this anniversary.

Excluding the "Khor Qandi" area, which is estimated at an area of 12,000 acres, offered by the Egyptian countryside company, with an integrated vision regarding this region within a period not exceeding three months.

Reviewing the position of those who have not been compensated in the previous periods of the establishment of the High Dam and its subsequences through a national committee formed by the concerned authorities, provided that the committee finishes its work within at most six months.

The third regular youth conference (Ismailia April 2017)

The third regular youth conference was held in Ismailia in April 2017, and about 1,200 young men and women from the governorates of the Suez Canal region participated in it - President Sisi was keen to extend bridges of communication between all sectors of Egyptian society and the political leadership. The initiative of “Ask the President” was launched for anyone to pose questions directly to the president, and the president answered a number of these questions live..

The recommendations of the conference were as follows:

- Announcing 2018 as a year for people with disabilities.

Announcing the formation of internal control groups of young people in the state’s agencies and institutions .. Launching an initiative to beautify squares and legalize the conditions of mobile youth projects that face difficulty in obtaining licenses


-Announcing the formation of a motivational and follow-up group from the Administrative Control Authority, and a corresponding group from the presidential program to rehabilitate young people for leadership to follow up recommendations and plans to present the results of periodic youth conferences.

Study the development of the Supreme Council for Investment and transfer it to the Supreme Council for Investment and Export, in addition to activating the role of the Supreme Council of Payments to integrate the informal economy, and automate customs and taxes to reduce financial leakage.

 Starting the measures for establishing the Supreme Council of Database headed by the President of the Republic.

The Fourth Youth Conference (Alexandria, July 2017

The fourth regular youth conference was held in Alexandria Governorate on 24 and 25 July 2017, and more than 1300 young men and women from different governorates participated in it, and its recommendations were as follows:

Full state support to the World Youth Forum which was called for by the youth of Egypt, inviting heads and leaders of friendly and brotherly countries to attend the forum and promising youth participation in the integration of civilizations and serious discussion to formulate a message of peace and love for the world.

Assigning the government with the assistance of a young elite, to implement and follow up the 2030 strategy, and evaluate it periodically.

Directing the government to intensify its efforts to develop Alexandria Governorate, by increasing the urban zone, and taking all executive measures to widen the traffic hubs, as well as starting the development of the archaeological city of Rasheed, provided that work should end within a perion of maximum 3 years, and the completion of projects of industrial areas in Al Beheira governorate, to put them up for investment in coordination with Industrial Development Authority.

- Immediate start of offering investment areas in Kafr El Sheikh governorate before the end of the year, which will provide 250 job opportunities, in addition to the government reviewing all complaints and demands raised by Yassin Al-Zoghbi, and informing him on the situation and the measures that will be taken.

- Directives to the  government to building a cultural entity in the new administrative capital, and establishing an agricultural bourse in Wady el  Natroan in Al Beheira governorate within a year.

Fifth regular youth conference (Cairo May 2018)

The fifth regular youth conference was held in Cairo in May 2018, with the participation of about 1,000 young men and women from different governorates of the Republic, and its recommendations were as follows:

The importance of launching the political cadre school under the umbrella of the National Academy for training, and the launch of the National Forum for Public Policies, to discuss political issues on the Egyptian arena, in addition to setting a strategy for communication between the parties and the executive agencies in order to participate in settling the problems of society.

The conference recommended amending the laws of political parties in the country and restoring the value of the national identity to Egyptians, in partnership with the relevant bodies and civil society.

Preparing a working document to tackle the file of freedoms and issues of public opinion, and establishing the National Youth Council responsible for drafting their own resolutions.

Confirming the state's full support to the World Youth Dialogue Forum, and instructing the government to use a youth elite to develop a mechanism to follow up the implementation of the 2030 strategy.

Developing and intensifying efforts in a number of governorates and preserving archaeological areas, as well as government studying all the demands and complaints submitted by Yassin Al-Zoghbi.

Preparing an integrated planning for the establishment of a comprehensive cultural entity in the new administrative capital, the new city of Alamein, and new cities, and the cabinet approving the new administrative division..

The Sixth National Youth Conference (Cairo University, July 2018)

The Sixth National Conference for Youth from Cairo University was held in July 2018, with the participation of 3000 young men and women from various governorates of the Republic under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the President, stressed, in his speech, that dialogue and communication are the way to build a strong society, and the recommendations of the conference came as follows:

Announcing 2019 as the year of education.

- Rehabilitation of youth in the National Academy for Rehabilitation and Training.

Activating the artistic, cultural and sporting activities in the universities ... Launching the national project for developing education.

Allocating 20% of scholarships to education personnel for a period of 10 years.

Establishing a teacher education and training center in accordance with international standards.

Mandating the Prime Minister with the Supreme Council of Universities, to restore sports, cultural, and artistic activities to Egyptian universities.


The Seventh National Youth Conference (New Administrative Capital, July 2019)

The seventh national youth conference was held on 30 and 31 July 2019, in the presence of 1,500 guests representing all groups of Egyptian youth. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi delivered a speech in which he presented a set of recommendations and decisions taken by the conference and the president instructed the government to start implementing them immediately.


Entrusting the simulation model youth to start implementing the government marketing strategy immediately.

Instructing the Cabinet to quickly finish drawing up a legal concept for localities and the Senate and present them to Parliament.

Entrusting the Prime Minister to study the recommendations issued by the Seventh National Youth Conference.

Converting the National Youth Conference and simulation model into a dialogue state to be in constant contact with the government and the state for discussion

Forming working groups to help the state bodies

Launching the national project for the most needy villages

Transforming the state simulation model into a state of dialogue that is in constant contact with the government

Charging the government to adopt working on Ras Al-Teen project

Entrust the government, in cooperation with the National Training Academy, to set up a headquarter in the new administrative capital, including the Arab-African Training Center

Mandating the Cabinet to launch the national project for digital transformation and implementation of the governance system, due to start in Port Said.

The Eighth National Youth Conference (Al-Manara Center, New Cairo, September 2019)

The eighth edition of the National Youth Conference was held on September 14, 2019 at Al-Manara Center under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in New Cairo in the presence of 1,600 participants, the majority of whom are young people. The PLP youth attended the conference along with university youth and young politicians and young engineers working in national projects, and young doctors and also Young businessmen.

The conference displayed a documentary film on previous youth conferences, how these conferences were launched, what was discussed, how the state supports young people, how the World Youth Forum twice under the supervision of Egyptian youth was carried out, and what have been achieved in various fields through Egyptian youth.

Third: African youth forums

Young people in the Arab region and Africa share a common history, present and future, which makes cooperation among them necessary for the development of their country. The Arab and African youth are able to formulate a promising vision for integration between the African continent and the Arab world.

Hence, the idea of the "Arab and African Youth Forum" came to be a platform for dialogue for young people from both regions, in which they would exchange their experiences and visions towards the future of their countries. In its first edition, the participants had the opportunity to discuss various issues of interest to Arab and African youth, with the aim of strengthening cooperation between Arab and African countries.

The forum's various activities, including discussion sessions, workshops and round tables, also contributed in building more bridges of communication between promising young leaders and decision makers, politicians and experts in various fields to formulate a youth vision that seeks a better future in the Arab and African regions.

African Arab Youth Forum (Aswan March 2019)

Under the auspices and in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the Arab-African Youth Forum was held in Aswan in March 2019 to achieve more integration and communication among African countries.

The recommendations issued by the conference were as follows:

The Egyptian Knowledge Bank to be available to Arab and African researchers.

Mandating the Cabinet to establish a cooperation council between Arab and African universities.

Launching an initiative to eradicate virus-C for a million Africans.

Launching the 100 million health initiative to check Egypt's resident guests, not refugees.

A committee of Arab and African youth to achieve integration opportunities in all fields and present them to the officials.

A working team to develop a youth vision to deal with issues of extremism and eliminate terrorism.

Preparing for the convening of the Egypt-Sudan Forum to enhance integration between the two countries.

An Egyptian working paper that includes the establishment of a common Arab-African market and communication among  the countries of the continent.

Establishing an Arab-African mechanism to combat terrorism.

The 10th Arab-African Youth Forum (Aswan, December 2019)

The cities of Aswan and Luxor hosted the activities of the Tenth Arab-African Youth Forum which was held during the period 21st  to 26th  December 2019 under the title: "Arab-African Youth Cooperation", with the participation of 31 countries and many specialized bodies and institutions, and more than 300 young men and women in various Arab and African countries under the auspices of the Council of Arab youth ministers and Egyptian youth, sports and tourism ministries.

Fourth: World Youth Forums

Through the third National Youth Conference, the World Youth Forum emerged, whose idea was proposed by a group of Egyptian youth to have a dialogue with the world's youth. Immediately, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi responded and urged all young people from different countries of the world to express their views and their vision of the future of their countries and the world as a whole.

The World Youth Forum is an effective platform founded by a group of promising young people, to send a message of peace, prosperity and harmony, and present it to the whole world, where young people from all over the world participate in a rich international forum, to express their opinions and come up with recommendations and initiatives, in the presence of a group of world leaders, and influential personalities.

The World Youth Forum is an opportunity to connect with leading decision makers and thinkers around the world, as well as an opportunity to meet a diverse group of promising young people of different nationalities around the world, young people with a dream, will and determination to make a real difference in today's and tomorrow's world.

First World Youth Forum November 2017

The first World Youth Forum was held in Sharm El Sheikh in November 2017 under the auspices and in the presence of President El-Sisi. A large group of young people from different nationalities and fields participated in the forum and in the presence of a large number of different leaders and leaders of opinion and thought around the world.

 International issues were discussed on immigration and refugees, democracy Human rights, the stability and development of Africa, globalization and cultural identity, technology and social media and its impact on the population and other important topics on the international arena.

Second World Youth Forum November 2018

The World Youth Forum held its second edition in Sharm el-Sheikh in November 2018 under the auspices and in the presence of President El-Sisi and with the participation of more than 5,000 young people of various nationalities and fields for participation and interaction as he continued to emphasize its role as a platform for young people to express their views on the challenges facing our world from the perspective of youth. From the forum, the Presidential Program to Qualify African Youth for Leadership was launched in conjunction with Egypt's presidency of the African Union.

The Third World Youth Forum, December 2019

The World Youth Forum 2019 was held for the third time in Sharm el-Sheikh in December 2019 under the auspices and in the presence of President El-Sisi, and with the participation of more than 7000 young people from various countries of the world : international officials, decision makers and experts, where they exchanged discussions and dialogues on current issues and topics, in order to reach common visions through which they can overcome the challenges and develop creative solutions to the crises the world is facing, offering better opportunities for coexistence, spreading the values of tolerance, and stopping discrimination on the basis of religion, color or sex, which was advocated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Future visions were also displayed aiming at creating a better world in which conflicts are less intense, development rates are in progress, peace and security are prevalent, and youth are closer to each other being leaders of the future.

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