18 April 2021 06:40 AM

Sisi: Egyptians succeeded in ending crisis of stuck ship at Suez Canal

Monday، 29 March 2021 - 12:32 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said on Monday that Egyptians have succeeded in solving the problem of the grounded ship at the Suez Canal despite the tremendous technical complications of the process.

Posting on his social media page, Sisi extended thanks to every Egyptian who worked with all honesty and dedication to contribute technically and practically to solving the crisis.

He wrote "Egyptians succeeded today in ending the crisis of the stuck ship at the Suez Canal despite all technical complications surrounding the issue. The situation is now back to normal with Egyptian hands, and we send a message of assurance to the whole world about the course of their commodities and needs which pass through such vital navigation line. I thank every honest Egyptian who contributed technically or practically in ending such problem".

The president also noted that Egyptians have proved that they are capable of shouldering their responsibilities, adding that the Suez Canal, which had been dug by the Egyptians' grandparents and had been defended by their sons' souls, will always underline Egyptians' will to make a decision.

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