07 December 2021 01:38 PM

Speech by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Occasion of Labor Day

Sunday، 02 May 2021 - 12:07 AM

Great People of Egypt,

Brothers and Sisters,

Honorable Workers of Egypt,

Today, we celebrate together "Labor Day".  I seize this occasion to pay affectionate tribute to every worker whether male or female nationwide to salute and honor your distinguished efforts on the path of work, giving and achievement. Moreover, your efforts are most applauded on promoting the process of development and production as a fundamental pillar in building the present and future of our dear country, Egypt.

In this day, we reiterate that the Egyptian worker is the real wealth of the homeland, the locomotive of development and the springboard towards better reality and future through promoting the national economy course. As heavenly religions have preached that “work is worship”, so please bear in mind that your homeland always takes into consideration and is proud of your fruitful efforts, hard work and abundant production.

We have every right to celebrate today. Over the past years and since we started together the course of development, the Egyptians have set an example to raise the value of work out of their eagerness to build a nation of pride and dignity despite the enormous challenges that we faced. The successive achievements and mega projects that have been achieved in Egypt over the past years have become a testimony to the originality of creativity and the solid will of this great people to change their reality and build a better future. This has confirmed to everyone near and far the integrity of our development path, our sincerity of our orientations and our serious pursuit to a decent life for every citizen in a society where justice and equal opportunities prevail.

Brothers and Sisters,

The rapid changes we are witnessing today in the working methods and production mechanisms propel us to compete and participate through continuous training so as to raise capabilities and learn from the experiences of other nations, while, at the same time, launch the will to reform and modernize in ourselves to be able to develop our latent capabilities and to positively influence the path of human civilization.

Today, I assure you that whoever wants to find the right place for him in the modern era should have the highest levels of mastery and dedication in his work and strive to accommodate the information revolution and the huge boom that the world is witnessing in innovations, technological applications, artificial intelligence and mechanization.

The honorable people of Egypt,

In conclusion, I affirm that I am certain of the ability of Egyptian workers to continue the process of development for a better future for young and promising generations. I say to them: "Your noble struggle is greatly appreciated, and I will always keep my words, doing my utmost to make your constructive efforts yield what you wish for yourself and for our dear country (Egypt)."

My greetings to every worker who exerts his effort in all locations for the sake of his nation. I confirm my deep pride in you , your giving and in your sincere will.

Congratulations for you all and many happy returns of the day.

Long live Egypt, Long live Egypt

May the Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you

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