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Secured and smart documents complex

Tuesday، 18 January 2022 - 06:32 PM

It is the first and most modern integrated industrial technology complex for secured and smart documents in the Middle East and Africa.

It manufactures and issues all secured and smart documents and editors, their own technological systems and biometric databases according to international standards, using artificial intelligence technology and intelligent control programs.

The complex also provides a system for monitoring taxable goods electronically from the first step of their manufacture until delivery to the customer, through the data recorded on each insured label of these goods.

The complex provides all services to citizens, according to international standards, by using the complex's website or going directly to the complex, if it is required to attend in person.

The maximum limit for issuing the document from the building is 24 hours, according to the type of document.

The project started in 2017 and was completed at the end of 2019, and trial operation began in February 2020.

The project provides 4,200 direct jobs and 13,000 indirect jobs. The complex contains 398 patents, intellectual property that have been transferred by more than 250 experts, and 8 manufacturing capabilities. The total cost of the complex is about one billion dollars.

The project area :

The total area of the project is 570 thousand square meters.

Project goals:

-   Achieving the state’s goals in digital transformation, upgrading the services provided to citizens by relying on secure and accurate databases and providing technological solutions in the field of smart High-Tec.

Providing an integrated production cycle for all documents and smart documented publications, from raw materials to the final product and its official systems.

-   Providing accurate and fully secured biometric databases, starting from data pooling until issuing documents for all citizens of the country.

-        Setting unified documentation standards for the state as a whole.

-     Reducing dependence on the human element to prevent any attempts of forgery and eliminate any administrative corruption.

-   Increasing the state's tax revenue through the automatic control and tracking system (Track and Trace) for all taxable products.

Project executive position:

-     Secure documents have been provided to 14 ministries, and the service is being provided to the rest of the other ministries. 

Services have been provided to 16 governmental bodies, and the service is being provided to the rest of the other agencies.

The documents have been issued by the complex:

Ownership contracts - court certificates - real estate registration agencies - electronic identity card - electronic driver's license - stamps for control and tracking of goods - farmer card - unified card system for prepaid electricity meters - electronic passports - government contracts - documents for the Egyptian Customs Authority University certificates - high school and technical certificates - a smart card carrying the data of the mummies.

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