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Medicine City “Gypto Pharma” in El-Khanka area

Wednesday، 23 March 2022 - 11:59 AM

Gypto Pharma is one of the most important national projects with the aim of possessing the modern technological and industrial capacity in this vital field. This project, in turn, would enable citizens to obtain high-quality and safe treatment, end monopolistic practices, and control the prices of medicines.

The project embodies the state's efforts in various fields of medical initiatives and health care services for citizens.

The state has established this project coping with the most modern machines in the world supplied by European and US milestone brands in the field of pharmaceutical industry. 

Medicine City machines are fully electronically operated. If workers touch the machines, they will stop working. The role of human cadres is limited to just placing operating data and information on modern machines. The project includes machines equipped with surveillance cameras to sort out any production automatically that does not conform to specifications. The machines also have self-clean automatic system rather than manual cleaning.

There is another area inside the project which contains 5 production lines manufacturing ampoules, vials, medical solutions, ophthalmic medicines, and anesthetics. Thus, the two areas of the project covers all pharma requirements in the state.


The strategy of the medicine city aims to produce safe, effective and high-quality medicine to be one of the state’s pillars for providing the strong and high level industry of modern medicine. The city aspirates to be a manufacturing regional hub, since it is the largest city for pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East.

The medicine city seeks to cooperate with international companies, and to open exporting horizons to African countries, the Middle East, Arab countries, and later to Europe.  The medicine city applies what is known as “Mastered Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices” whereby it applies the highest quality standards, provides an electronic governance system and develops human resources to provide a trained professional worker. About 200 labors work in the entire city, as it works in a fully automated system. The city is also working to modernize the pharmaceutical products coping with updates globally, with its ambition to produce new kinds of products.

Gypto Pharma City focuses on producing medicines for chronic diseases, including medicines for high blood pressure, heart, diabetes, kidney, brain and nerve diseases, as well as manufacturing antibiotics. They are basic products that affect the citizens’ lives. In addition, the city produces medicines that are used in treatment protocols for the emerging coronavirus "Covid-19", as the main goal of the city is to secure vital medicines for the whole state.

It is scheduled that the City of Medicine will include future expansions, including production of vaccines at a later time.

The city aims at integrating with the companies of the private sector on a large scale, while working to meet the needs of the local market in the early stage of the project, then exporting 20% to 30% from the city’s productions in the next stages.

The city seeks to obtain European accredited certificates in order to open markets in Europe to export the medicine manufactured in Egypt.  

The City of Medicine will also work to spread the culture of the medicine required for treatment, in a way that curbs the wrong use of the medicine, so that its uses are only “essential use”, without excessive use of the medicine because of its dangers to the health.

Gypto Pharma City products will be released in the markets after approved tests and each product will be launched respectively after being approved by the pharmaceutical industry authorities.

The City of Medicine is also cooperating with the Egyptian Drug Authority in providing strategic medicines that have a “high import bill”, in order to be available for the Egyptian citizen at “acceptable prices”. In addition, the city is to manufacture any medicines not available in the local market.

Moreover, the city has research laboratories, and high quality assurance certificates are guaranteed. The city is also drawing up marketing plans through which doctors are invited to visit the city to review its medicines, and to maintain the culture of "disease control", as the role of the authority will be not only industrial, but also cultural.



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