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Establishing 13 agricultural clusters, providing water, developing agricultural system in North, South Sinai Governorates

Monday، 28 March 2022 - 04:04 PM

The necessary infrastructure to cultivate an area of (5510) acres has been established to add new agricultural areas and provide 3000 direct job opportunities in addition to 15000 indirect job opportunities.

- About 165 underground wells have been drilled, in addition to electricity generators established to extract groundwater.

- About 13 main water lines as well as main and subsidiary irrigation networks for each agricultural cluster have been established.

- 100% of the works have been carried out.

Land leveling works, the main irrigation networks, the supply and construction of greenhouses for 13 compounds have been completed; namely (K 61 Baghdad - Khafja Nakhl - Khashem / Al Khurram - Al Naufaa / Al Moghfar - Al Dadefif / Al Hasana - Taiba Al Tad - Tawil Al Hamid - Umm Mafroth - Al-Nathila 1 / Nakhil - Al Nathila 2 / Nakhal - Abu Rasas / Nakhal - Al-Suhaimi / Ras Sidr - Al-Hamma / Ras Sidr).

This came in accordance with the executive agreement of the contract signed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Engineering Authority, and the total cost amounted to LE 1.706 billion.


  • Providing Water and Developing the Agricultural System in the Governorates of North and South Sinai

The project aims to add new agricultural areas of about 13,200 acres, provide water resources for the reclamation and cultivation of 14,000 acres, and provide 12,000 greenhouses to adopt modern technology in the field of protected agriculture in the governorates of North and South Sinai.

- Establishing the necessary infrastructure to cultivate an area of (5510) acres, adding new agricultural areas, providing 3,000 direct jobs in addition to 15,000 indirect jobs and digging about 165 underground wells, in addition to establishing electricity generators to extract groundwater.

- Implementation of 13 main water lines, as well as main and subsidiary irrigation networks in each agricultural cluster.

The Ministry of Agriculture and the Unified Command of the Eastern Canal Forces to Combat Terrorism and Development of Sinai (Engineering Section), agreed on taking the necessary measures to sign a cooperation protocol to establish three centers for agricultural services in Sinai (a main center in the Al-Nathila area, and 2 sub-centers in the areas of Al-Hasana and Sahel Al-Qaa), which are as follows:

Al-Nahyat- Ras Sidr Center - South Sinai, Abu Jada -Ras Sidr Center - South Sinai, Wadi Sa'al- Catherine Center - South Sinai,  Sahl al-Qaa-El Tour Center - South Sinai, Asla and Areeq-El Tour Center - South Sinai.

The cost of the project amounted to EGP 2.5 billion.

The most Important Information on the Steps Taken to Complete the Infrastructure for the Development of North Sinai Was as Follows:

  • The project aims to transfer the water of Al-Salam waterway through a siphon under the Suez Canal to the Sinai Peninsula to achieve a horizontal expansion on an area of 400,000 acers. This supports Egypt's policy aimed at increasing agricultural production, linking Sinai to the delta region and making it a natural extension of the valley at a cost of EGP 9 billion. The project targets to improve economic and social conditions, create a new and integrated agricultural development community, increase the population rate in Sinai, exploit human resources for development purposes, and provide job opportunities. About one million citizens will benefit from the project.

2- Constructing a public irrigation network.

3- Maintaining the industrial facilities in the South Qantara East district.

 4- Sand encroachment protection and landscaping works for of Sheikh Jaber Canal, from 61,000 to 86,500 km.

  5- sewage network for an area of 2,130 acres in the South Qantara East region has been completed.

As for the current works

   -Infrastructure works for the public irrigation network for (4) outlets.

   -Raising the efficiency of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah Canal and the electromechanical works of Huguzat barrages.

   -The villages of Martyr Hussein Suleiman and Hamdi Al-Bayoumi and the construction of underground reservoirs are under construction.

   - Construction of a feeder for sub-canals No. 2 and No. 4 and improvement of industrial facilities in Sahel Al-Tina and Telemetric.

- Security measures have been taken and the trial operation of the public irrigation network for intakes (from 1 to 25) is underway to serve the areas of 141,995 thousand feddans.

- The development of the Tal Al-Hayer sewage pump station, the Gilbanah sewage station, the construction of a covered drainage network in the south of Qantara and the right bridge of the Baloza drain are completed.


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