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8 Years of Agricultural Achievements

Sunday، 19 June 2022 - 03:26 PM

The political leadership realized an unprecedented development in the agricultural sector over the past eight years.

The agricultural sector has become the most important one worldwide after the coronavirus pandemic as it is a flexible sector capable of bearing shocks.

The agricultural sector became at the core of the world's interest as it is responsible for securing the basic needs of people and promoting food security.

This sector contributes about 15 percent of the gross domestic product and absorbs about 25 percent of Egyptian workers.

This sector contributes over 17 percent of Egyptian exports of commodities.

Egypt exports more than 350 agro-products.

The major agricultural projects being carried out by the Egyptian State, including the New Delta project and the 1.5 million feddan project.

The State is addressing the issue of limited water resources through having alternative resources in view of expanding agricultural lands and climate change.

Egypt has taken unprecedented steps with regard to treating agricultural wastewater, referring to the establishment of the Mahsama and Bahr el Baqar wastewater treatment stations.

There are projects that support the agricultural sector, including upgrading water and road networks as well as energy projects.

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