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8 Years of Urban Development Achievements

Sunday، 19 June 2022 - 03:51 PM

Egypt witnessed achievements and implementation of major national projects in all sectors in the past 8 years, during a journey to restore its natural position and to rebuild the state, with President Abdel Fattah El Sisi taking the constitutional oath to take charge of the country.

At that time, Egypt opened a new page in writing its history, and began writing a new epic of construction and reconstruction under the leadership of Sisi.

It seemed that Sisi was interested in breaking the centralization of Cairo, by establishing new cities that would absorb human powers, governmental or private bodies and institutions, which could be considered a reshaping of the economic, political, and cultural map to serve the Egyptian ambition.

There is a national plan to establish new cities, which is the most appropriate solution for urban expansion, to accommodate the increasing population density and to solve the housing problem.

The state adopts a strategic plan for urban development in Egypt, which aims to increase the area of built-up areas, and establish urban communities and cities, with the aim of reducing congestion in the old cities, and confronting the steady population increase, as many housing, infrastructure and services projects have been completed in the areas of expansion of existing urban communities.

The implementation of 14 new urban clusters throughout the Republic (the New Administrative Capital – New Alamein – New Mansoura – East Port Said – Nasser in West Assiut – West Qena – New Ismailia – New Rafah – Galala City and Resort – New Farafra – New Obour – Toshka) New – East Owainat).

The number of new cities within the state so far, which is one of the goals after 2014, has reached “30 new cities”, with a total investment of 690 billion pounds, and 22 are currently being implemented, in addition to 8 other cities planned for implementation.

The number of new cities, or fourth-generation cities, as they are called, has reached 30 new cities that were launched during the seven years, and they are “The New Administrative Capital, New Alamein, New Al-Fashn, New Alexandria, Gardens of the Capital, New Minya, New Sohag, New Mansoura, East Port Said City, New Nasser City, New Toshka and Sheikh Extension Zayed, New Aswan City, New Obour, New 6th of October, New Mallawy, West Qena, New Rashid City, Galala International City, New Hurghada City, New Akhmim City, West Port Said, East Port Said City, New Bir al-Abd City, New Rafah City, Ismailia City New, New Suez City, Nasser City, West Assiut, New Sphinx City, New Nubaria City.

The “fourth generation cities” projects aim to reduce pressure on existing cities, provide suitable housing for all groups, provide urban communities that include commercial and industrial areas, in addition to providing millions of job opportunities.

The total area of the new cities is 580,000 acres, while the target population is about 30 million, in addition to providing millions of direct and indirect job opportunities.

The state, represented by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, and the Social Housing Fund and Mortgage Finance Support, made available a large number of housing projects within the new cities, for residents to move to and settle in, and the most prominent of these cities are:

Administrative Capital

An area of 170,000 feddans has been allocated for the establishment of the administrative capital east of Cairo, due to its distinguished location and proximity to the Suez Canal area, regional roads and main axes. In the new headquarters, with plans to increase the capacity to 100,000 employees after the first three years.

New Alamein

As for the new city of Alamein, the total area of the new city of Alamein is 49,000 acres, and the target population is about 2 million people. km, and the first phase of (15) beach towers, and the first phase of the heritage city, and the first phase of El Alamein University of Science and Technology, the Maritime Academy of Science and Technology, and the implementation of (4) pedestrian bridges, and (40) housing buildings. Distinguished by the Downtown area, and beach protection works. The 14 km tourist walkway was implemented on the Corniche.

East Port Said New City

The area of East Port Said city exceeds 12 thousand acres, and it is the first new coastal city east of the Suez Canal to serve the purposes of developing the Suez Canal area, aiming to accommodate more than half a million people with the completion of its growth.

New Naser City

The site of the new city of Nasser is distinguished by its being located on the top of the Assiut plateau, its connection to the national and regional road network, the proximity to Assiut Airport, 28 km from the new city of Assiut, the middle of the city of Assiut, the distance between the two communities – 18 km from the top of the plateau. In addition to the completion of the finishing works for the apartments of the Sakan Misr project.

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