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Ras sedr

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Ras sedr

It is located on the eastern bank of the Gulf of Suez, north and south of the Oyoun Moussa area.

This resort is a distinguished tourist destination for Ecotourism (ecotourism), in which sailing sports; swimming; diving; safari adventures or spas can be practiced, and historical and cultural attractions can be found.

It is the first city in South Sinai from the east, and it is about 60 km away from the Suez Canal.

 Ras Sidr is located on the Gulf of Suez, and its area is 6,750 square km. It is dotted with many fertile valleys, such as Wadi Sidr.

There are various tourist attractions in Ras Sidr, from its picturesque soft sandy beaches with a length of 95 km ;its refreshing air to the Serpal Mountains or Mount Pharaoh, which provides an opportunity for bird-watching enthusiasts. There are mountain goats and camels trained to walk in the mountains and valleys.

-Sulphurous health resort is among most important of Ras sidr tourist attraction .It has been discovered by the Pharaohs since 5000 year .It is natural sulphurous eyes. Its heat reaches to 75 degrees Celsius.

In addition, there are valleys that attract both Safaris &fishing amateur. 

This can be seen in Al-Gharandal Valley, Thebes and the el-Taraki one, which is rich in flora and unique trees and birds, especially migratory birds, quail.

There are three places for Bedouins groups’ to be get-together as: Moses eyes, Al-Gharandal and Abu Essaouira one. There, one can be identified easily by inherited tribal customs and Bedouin arts such as Bedouin clothing and handicrafts that were embroidered with famous turquoise and Sinai Bedouin music and arts.

Sinai is considered the center of the meeting of ancient civilizations; cultures and the Holy divine messages since the time of the Pharaohs, the prophet Moses.

The number of tourist villages have been doubled in recent years so as to enjoy both the soft beaches and its moderate climate throughout the year. In addition to recreational tourism on Ras Sidr shores.

There are some archaeological sites as:

-El -Maghara inscriptions: The oldest cultural areas in the Sinai is El -Maghara inscriptions. It shows the Egyptian interest in mining and sending missions to those areas in Wadi Sidr at the east of the Gulf of Suez.  But most of the inscriptions have been crashed.El Magahra name has been called on a limited part of the valley where the veins of turquoise, which has been extracted by the ancient Egyptians there.

It  still exist in this region, the remains of the ancient huts of workers over a highland.The walls can be traced, but the important patterns that existed no longer remain there where the transfer of some of them to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, or crashed in attempts to search for turquoise in the beginning of this century.

-Qalat Al Jundi:

This castle is located on the hill of Ras al-Jundi, which reaches a height of 2150 feet above sea level, and rises 500 feet above the flat plain that expands around it from all sides. Of course, it is revealed farther than this distance.

The construction of this castle is linked to historical facts, as Salah al-Din and his brother, the Justice King, began constructing this castle in 1183 AD, and the construction was completed in 1187.

Castle layout:

The Salah al-Din Citadel building above Tal al-Jundi is rectangular in shape, oriented in two directions, north-east and south-west, and its southern end ends in the shape of a half hexagon.

It was strengthened by strong buttresses, and the castle included small rooms within it

The side of the castle ranges between 150-200 meters in length, and its widest is 100 meters, and the thickness of the outer castle wall is two meters.

A flat (50-60 meters) with a depth of five meters below ground level, and it may have been a storage for supplies. Likewise, a mosque without a roof. Its eastern wall has a qiblah on which is an inscription inscribed with the Basmala.

The surface of the mosque is 6-12 meters. There is also a water cistern carved into the heart of the hill that contains a tank of dimensions 6 - 10 - 5.5 meters.

Its walls are still good and it has two openings for entering and withdrawing water.

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