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The ancient city of On

Wednesday، 13 July 2022 - 12:09 PM

It is one of the most important Pharaonic archaeological areas in Cairo and is known as Ain Shams or Heliopolis. It is considered one of the oldest capitals in the ancient world.


One of its most important archaeological landmarks is the obelisk of King Senusret I or the obelisk of the rain, which is the only surviving monument of the landmarks of this city.


The Persian invasion has burned and destroyed the city. The Persian leader called kampiiez  burned it.


The Greek historian Strabon has not only mentioned the story of the destruction of the city, but also mentioned that there are Arab tribes inhabiting the city, adding that the city has witnessed falling-off since the Roman era, and natural disasters, in addition to urban sprawl.Those are the major reasons of the disappearance of its landmarks since the establishment of Cairo

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