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Luxor Temple

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Luxor city comprises monuments of Thebes’s city ruins which remained the capital of the state for several centuries in the Pharaonic eras. Among its most important features are:


Luxor temple

 This temple was built to worship Amun-Ra. The entrance to the temple begins with the edifice built by Ramses II, with two colossal statues representing him sitting. The temple is preceded by two obelisks, one of which is still standing and the other adorns the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

 Next to this edifice is Ramses II courtyard .it is surrounded on three sides by two rows of columns in the form of a reinforced papyrus bundle. In the northeastern part, there is now the Abu Al-Hajjaj Mosque.Amenhotep III   has been built the rest of the temple parts . It begins with the huge pillared hall with fourteen columns divided into two rows, then the large open courtyard surrounded on three sides by two rows of columns, then we reach the pillared hall, which includes 32 columns  and inside the temple is the room of the sacred boat.


Alexander the Great has built a small chapel for him there he has written his name inside Amenhotep III chapel.

Finally, we reach the Holy of Holies, where the sacred statue


Luxor Museum

It is located between both temples of Luxor and Karnak one


The museum houses the Pharaonic archaeological collections that were found in Luxor and the surrounding areas.


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