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The press center for foreign correspondents, affiliated to Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS), is considered to be the link between government bodies in Egypt and foreign operating press correspondents in Egypt and accredited by SIS or non-resident correspondents. The center is the only entity entrusted with accrediting foreign correspondents to work in Egypt and facilitating their work in coordination with the competent authorities.

SIS is also the body that ministries and official institutions in Egypt rely on communicating with representatives of all the international media and inviting them to attend or participate in media coverage of the events and conferences they organize. In addition, the press center also provides foreign correspondents with press and media releases issued by all state authorities, and organizes their meetings with officials so as to help communicate authentic facts to Arab and foreign media to reflect the true image of Egypt.

The press center communicates with 1,200 foreign correspondents’ resident in Egypt and officially accredited. The press center welcomes each year from 400 to 500 non-resident media delegations from all countries of the world, at the rate of 15 delegations per month from different nationalities arriving in Egypt in order to prepare programs or documentaries (political - artistic - cultural - sporting - social) about Egypt.

The SIS provides many services and programs for foreign correspondents and foreign media representatives  both residents and visitors, as follows:

 First: Foreign Media Residing in Egypt

The Center provides foreign media representatives  along 24 hours a day with the following media and administrative facilities:

  • Issuing and renewing permanent and temporary press cards issued by the press center.
  • Preparing political, social, economic and cultural programs for accredited foreign correspondents and all necessary permits from the concerned authorities that help implement the required programs.
  • Facilitating media coverage of important events and international and regional conferences held in Egypt.
  • Arranging and preparing their own interviews with the Prime Minister, Ministers and officials.
  • Customs release for technical equipment of the offices of foreign correspondents residing in Egypt in coordination with the Customs Administration at Cairo Airport.
  • Issuance and renewal of residence for correspondents and their families through the Press Office of Passports in Tahreer Complex.

Second: Foreign Media (Visitors)

The Press Center provides all possible media facilities as follows:

  • Facilitate the reception of visiting delegations through the press center at the airport and their departure after completing their media mission in Egypt
  • Provisional release of their equipment through a bank credit from an international bank with branches in Egypt to the Customs Administration to ensure the exit of such equipment after the completion of the media mission in Egypt.
  • Preparing the programs that the delegation wishes to implement by issuing permits from the concerned authorities according to the type of the program required.
  • organizing meetings with ministers and field visits and address the competent authorities.
  • Assigning escorts from the press center for delegations during the implementation of the program.

Third: The local, regional and international conferences held in Egypt and the role of the press center for foreign correspondents

 The Center organizes and establishes temporary press centers for international and regional conferences and events taking place in Egypt, where it prepares and equips temporary press centers with all technical equipment such as international and local telephones and faxes, computers and Internet networks and projection screens in coordination with the Ministry of Communications, registration and issuance of the necessary permits for resident and visiting correspondents.

Fourth: Airport Press Center:

  • The press center at the airport receives and bid farewell to correspondents and releases their equipment in cooperation with the airport customs department.
  • The press center at the airport also facilitates the task of Egyptian TV channels, private satellite channels and foreign media in coordination with airport security authorities to obtain the necessary permits in all events and conferences and to receive Egyptian sports teams that have participated in international championships abroad.

Fifth: Passports Press Center

The Passport Press Center of the Main Press Center:

  • Issues visas
  • Renews residency permits daily for foreign correspondents accredited to the Press Center and their families in coordination with the concerned bodies.

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