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Cape Verde

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Basic Information


Cape Verde is located on the African continent, 570 Km of Senegal's coast in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are divided into two groups: rugged mountain islands and streamlined plain islands.

Cape Verde is located between longitudes 25.37 and 22.67, and latitudes 14.80 and 17.21. It has independent borders with no other country.




It covers a total area of 4.033 Km2.




Cape Verdean Escudo.

Diplomatic relationships between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Cape Verde Islands began in 1976, with the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat, President of the Arab Republic, issuing a resolution No. 392 to establish the Arab Republic of Egypt's Embassy in the Republic of the Cape Verde Islands.


In addition to his original work in Guinea Bissau, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt issued Resolution No. 393 in 1976, appointing Ahmed Abdelkader Mulla as a plenipotentiary delegate and Minister Plenipotentiary with the title of ambassador to the Government of the Cape Verde Islands. This resolution was published on May 13, 1976 in the Official Gazette No. 20.

Political Relationships

Noha Khedr, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Senegal and the non-resident ambassador of Cape Verde, presented her credentials to the President of Cape Verde on September 6, 2019. After meeting with the President of Cape Verde, Ambassador Khedr stated that the meeting tackled bilateral relations between both countries. The President was pleased to highlight the development of relationships between both countries, wishing the ambassador success and good luck in her new position. In this context, he stated his confidence in the current Egyptian presidency of the African Union's ability to make a quantum leap in African joint action.

Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, met Christian Duarte, Minister of Finance and Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Cape Verde on May 17, 2015. The meeting discussed the overall problems confronting the African continent, as well as solutions to poverty and lack of services. They also discussed ideas for improving infrastructure and raising living standards across the African continent. Christian Duarte presented her vision on how to best utilize the African Development Bank (AfDB) to achieve the stated goals against the backdrop of her candidacy for Presidency of AfDB.

On July 24, 2013, Ambassador "Nehad Abdelatif" met both the President of the Republic of Cape Verde "Carlos Fonseca" and the Prime Minister of Senegal "Abdoul Mbaye," as the Senegalese President was out of the country.   Ambassador "Abdelatif" explained the true picture of developments in Egypt, as well as Egypt's rejection of the African Peace and Security Council (PSC)'s resolution to suspend Egypt's participation in African Union activities. The resolution is based on "Lomé Declaration", which deals with specific cases of unconstitutional devolution of power, none of which applies to the Egyptian situation in which tens of millions of Egyptians participated. Officials in the two sisterly countries also assured Ambassador Abdellatif of their full solidarity with the Egyptian people, and welcomed the road map that was formed for Egypt's transitional period, expressing their hope that the Egyptian government will be able to successfully pass this transitional period.

Economic Relationships

Egypt's exports to Cape Verde are diverse, as evidenced by a look at the top ten commodities exported by Egypt to ECOWAS. They include: petroleum oils, aromatic blends, monitor screens, gas, liquids, or electricity meters, non-woven fabrics, facilities or parts thereof (such as bridges and bridge sections), sanitary pads, carbonates, ethylene polymers, potatoes, and whole or partially milled rice.

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