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Shoukry says decisions reached during COP27 are messages to world for better future

Sunday، 20 November 2022 - 11:30 AM

Foreign Minister and President of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, Sameh Shoukry underlined on Sunday the importance of taking into considerations all recommendations and decisions reached during the climate conference for a better future.

The decisions that were reached during the UN conference are tantamount to a gateway to advancing towards climate neutrality and resilience, Shoukry said at the closing session of the UN conference in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh.

He called on everyone to consider these decisions not as words on paper, but as messages addressed to the world for future generations in order to set the appropriate pace for implementing the Paris Agreement.

Shoukry expressed appreciation for tireless efforts exerted by all participating delegations to reach these results.

The foreign minister called for taking into consideration all arrangements related to financing to be able to make up for damage created by climate change.

He called for adopting the Sharm el Sheikh Implementation Plan and to take appropriate decisions in this regard, urging the parties to the Paris Agreement to consider reports of the Adaptation Committee.

He said all adaptation-related issues were referred to the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement for further consultations, calling for the adoption of the draft resolution titled "Adaptation Committee Report 2022".

He also called for considering Article 7 on the agenda titled "The Warsaw International Mechanism for Losses and Damage Associated with Climate Change Impact" and adopting decisions taken in this regard without any objection.

He called for taking into consideration issues related to the least developed countries, saying the implementing panel was unable to conclude discussions of this issue and was referred to the parties to the Paris Conference for further consultations.

The foreign minister called on the parties to Paris Agreement to adopt the conference's draft resolutions on the Green Climate Fund and climate measures regarding agriculture and food safety.

He called on the parties to Paris Agreement to look into articles regarding clean development and adaptation fund.

Addressing the gathering, Shoukry said over the past two weeks, Sharm El Sheikh played host to thousands of participants who came to the Red Sea resort from different parts of the world, including heads of state and government, members of delegations, representatives of civil society and youth with the aim of coming up with a global response to the greatest threat in our lives today, which is climate change.

The work that we have been able to accomplish over the past two weeks and the results that we have reached are nothing but a testament to our collective will. Being here together we sent a clear message to the world that despite the difficulties the world faces, the different visions and ambitions, as well as the levels of fear and concerns, we remain committed to our fight against climate change.

Some cast doubts that we lack will when it comes to the global agenda, but we were able to live up to our responsibilities in order to level up to global expectations.

We worked around the clock over the past days and at the end we were able to make achievements to respond to millions of people who suffer as a result of the negative repercussions of climate change in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Egypt.  Now, the conference wrapped up and all participants are leaving but with renewed hope for the future, the future of this planet, and with collective will and greater determination in order to achieve the Paris Agreement’s global warming target, Shoukry said.

We also leave Sharm El Sheikh with an important and tangible agreement to activate the Paris Agreement as regards mitigation target, which is a long-term demand by developing countries that bear the brunt of climate change though they are the least responsible for it.

He expressed his confidence that ongoing efforts on adaptation will be finalized at COP 28 next year for everyone's interest.


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