04 February 2023 11:59 AM

Projects for adaptation with climate changes to be implemented in Africa

Saturday، 03 December 2022 - 11:16 AM

Egypt launched, during COP27, an international initiative for adaptation in the water sector, Spokesman for the Water Resources and Irrigation Ministry Mohamed Ghanem said.

He added that efforts are focused on carrying out the projects under this initiative to attain a complete adaptation with climate changes in the developing countries especially the African states.

In statements to MENA Saturday 03/12/2022, Ghanem said that the projects will be implemented in the African countries as they are mostly affected by the climate changes in spite of being the least countries causing these climate changes.

It is important that the major industrial countries abide by their previous pledges and obligations and finance these projects, he said.

The projects of adaptation with climate changes are important for protecting from the risks of torrential rain and protecting the shores in Egypt and in the different African countries, he added.

He also pointed out to the projects of the reuse of water and other projects that would contribute to improving water management system. 


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