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Dokan Al-Farha initiative

Sunday، 04 December 2022 - 04:02 PM

It is noteworthy that Dokan Al-Farha initiative was launched in April 2019 with the aim of implementing social protection activities and programs for the most vulnerable families in all villages and hamlets .

Through studying the social situation of the beneficiaries, the initiative is divided into two axes :

The initiative works on two aspects, the first includes organizing exhibitions of new clothes within public universities and orphanages, to support students had social studies in coordination with the student welfare departments in each university .

distributed about 250,000 clothing items that benefited about 80 thousand citizens through exhibitions organized by the Fund in the universities of Minya, South Valley, Alexandria, Ain Shams, Damietta, and Sohag, in addition to distributing new clothes to the the neediest families in Cairo, Giza, Eastern, Luxor, and Bahariya Oasis, Gharbia, Qalyubiya, and Assiut .

The second part of the initiative was directed to supply the the neediest brides to provide marriage facilities for girls, 250 brides were handed over marriage facilities as part of the initiative, with the participation of a large number of art, media and fashion stars to share the joys of girls receiving the supplies .

The conditions that must be met by the girls benefiting from the initiative are observed , namely:

The girl must be of Egyptian nationality.

Not less than 18 years old.

Have a notarized marriage contract for a period not exceeding 6 months.

The per capita income in the family does not exceed 350 pounds per month.

(a)She has never been married.

Positive discrimination for orphaned girls and people with special needs.

Research and investigation is carried out through grassroots associations and natural leaders in villages and hamlets to monitor poor girls who have a problem in completing the marriage procedures due to the lack of situation and the inability of the family to provide the equipment requirements for the girl.

Perform a search for each of the advanced cases

Research and study of the family and girl case are carried out and all criteria are applied to ensure that the case is eligible or not, through field research of the case and visiting her family

Cases are studied and evaluation criteria are applied to classify and select cases

At this stage, evaluation criteria are applied to classify and rank cases according to the severity and degree of need.

Each girl gets the following equipment :

Refrigerator – washing machine – cooker – heater – mixer – fan – iron – sponge mattress – cooking tools set – personal care bag – cosmetics bag – a purchase card worth 500 EGP.

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