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our country's players initiative

Sunday، 04 December 2022 - 04:27 PM

Laiba Baladna initiative works with homeless children and children deprived of family care, by implementing a sports program aimed at rehabilitating children psychologically, socially and behaviorally so that they can integrate into society and the family, based on some international experiences in this regard as a reference in the use of sports and art to contribute to the development of positive  thinking skills and creativity, and create positive models of children as well as contribute to the development of the child's personality and innovative abilities.

The initiative includes several axes:

- Designing a mechanism for providing services to this category by financing projects for associations working in this field

Developing the Ministry's capabilities related to the issue of homeless children in terms of prevention, protection, rehabilitation and integration, where services were identified in the targeted areas "attracting and repelling the phenomenon", and the necessary development plan was developed to serve the program of the services provided by the Ministry.

Initiative Objectives

Employing sports as an incentive to attract children to participate in rehabilitation activities .

Changing the mental image of homeless children in the community by providing a supportive environment for the reintegration of children .

Discovering the potential of children to qualify them for reintegration into the community or family system .

Developing the positive spirit of children participating in the initiative through psychological and social interventions .

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