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President El-Sisi Participates in the First Conference of the National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW)

Monday، 09 January 2023 - 11:16 AM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi witnessed on Monday 9/01/2023 the opening of the first conference of the National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW).

President El Sisi was welcomed upon arrival by Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli and a number of top state officials.Prime.

The alliance plays a pivotal role in the state's development process and supports social protection networks mechanisms.

The alliance is integrating its work with the efforts being exerted by the State and the private sector to realize social development and upgrade services. 

The alliance was launched in March 2022 with the participation of members of key development and civil work associations in Egypt to serve social development work. 

The Activities

The first conference of the National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW) started with screening a documentary film on the alliance's efforts in 2022.

The film highlighted the key role played by the civil community in realizing development, building the human being and improving the living conditions.

The film also included a speech by late Dr Anisa Hassouna on the importance of the civil community's efforts.

The film highlighted that the alliance - which groups more than 30 civil society organizations - gives priority to support the health sector, referring to health and food convoys in various governorates.

The film said the alliance extended monthly pensions for more than 600,000 families., highlighting that it is planning to exert more efforts during 2023 to reach more beneficiaries.

Addressing the conference, NACDW's board of trustees secretary Noha Talaat said President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has offered a golden chance for the civil community in Egypt when he announced 2022 as the year of civil community.

She said Sisi's announcement encouraged several key development entities to join the alliance to mobilize efforts.

She said the alliance managed to help about 30 million people, noting that it has a database of most needy people.

For his part, CEO of Food Bank Mohsen Sarhan said 2022 was a remarkable year in the history of civil work in Egypt, highlighting the efforts exerted by thousands of societies and volunteers nationwide. 

The NACDW reviewed a number of its projects that helped provide many people with a source of income.

Meanwhile, Reda Ragab from Beni Suef said she benefited from rehabilitation and training programs as she started her project with renting one feddan to plant potato in tandem with other women and expanded the project to 2.5 feddans.

The training program benefited female farmers in rationalizing consumption of fertilizers and water and, hence, cutting expenses, she said.

Another woman in Giza called Dalia Hosseini expounded how the alliance helped her to learn carpet spinning and selling her products in fairs.

A number of youths have also expounded how the alliance helped them to have their own projects.

NACDW Medical Adviser Hala Salah said this is the first time for higher education institutions and civil community societies to convene to jointly support the health sector under the umbrella of the NACDW.

The state has allocated one third of its budget to develop health services, she said.

She noted that the alliance has cooperated with many institutions, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and research entities to offer services to about 5 million people at EGP 4.9 billion.

She added that President Sisi has underlined in his directives the importance of helping patients and improving health indices.

Meanwhile, a number of beneficiaries of the economic empowerment initiative reviewed their experience.

Speaking at the first conference of NACDW, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi extended thanks to NACDW, terming it as a model to be followed by a large number of Egyptians who are working hard to activate the economic empowerment initiatives.

The president underscored the key role played by charitable associations which offer help in various domains, hailing the fruits of the great efforts exerted by the NACDW.

The president said civil society organizations play a role that the government cannot play alone.

He underlined the important role played by the National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW) in extending help to the society's categories in fields the government alone cannot fulfill, praising the coordinated and sustained work of the alliance and its fruitful outcome.

He said there are about 50,000 civil society organizations in Egypt, many of them are under the NACDW umbrella.

He called on NACDW and other civil society organizations to intensify their efforts during 2023 in light of the current world economic crisis which started in 2022 and will have further impact on the current year.

He underlined that NACDW has announced a package of EGP 14 billion to the charity work, calling on "Tahya Misr" fund to contribute to raising this fund and asked the government to exert more efforts in this regard.

The president urged more entities to join the alliance to offer more services in the economic, health, and other domains.

President El Sisi said: "Frankly speaking, the civil society organizations play a role that the government alone could never accomplish with the same efficiency," adding that there is a need for further expanding the NACDW to include other entities.

He said the donations of EGP 10 billion should be increased, noting that 2022 was declared as a year for civil society and the current year needs more efforts to overcome the impact of the economic crisis.

El Sisi went on to say that NACDW has announced a fund of EGP 14 billion, calling on all parties to contribute to increasing its capital. The president called on the government, Tahya Misr Fund and other special fund to donate for NACDW's fund for charity work.

The president asserted that he has been continuously contacting the civil society entities to be briefed on their work and their ideas that he admired a lot.

El Sisi addressed a woman, one of the beneficiaries of the NACDW for economic empowerment, terming her as a role model for running a farm alone.

President El Sisi voiced hope that 2023 could witness more efforts of civil action, noting that the current tough circumstances required a collaboration of all parties along with the government and the State.

He criticized the people who speak randomly without knowledge, urging Egyptians to listen to the State because it fully recognizes the size of the current challenge ahead of us.

He said data and figures are currently available to the State and any ideas are most welcome. However, any random talks can cause disturbance and more panic to citizens along with the pressure of tough economic circumstances facing Egypt and the world alike.

He asserted that spreading panic among people would have bad consequences on the State and the people and could weaken their will to stand firm in countering any challenges.

He asked: "Could we ever give up with our country at such current hard conditions?"

The president went on to say that the State has not been engaged in any wars and never squandered its funds, noting that the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the two-year coronavirus pandemic were not made by Egypt. Egypt is paying a dear price like other countries, Sisi added, calling on all "to stop such futile talk".

Afterwards a documentary was screened to highlight the "Cultivate" initiative, which is important to provide strategic goods and increase cultivated lands.

The initiative is mainly contributing to attaining agricultural development, improving living conditions of farmers and achieving food security.

The initiative targeted eight governorates and reached nearly 100,000 farmers and aimed to cultivate 150,000 feddans of wheat.

The documentary featured that efforts will be focused on cultivating other strategic crops in the coming period.

The documentary also pointed out the "Cultivate" initiative aims to support agriculture under the umbrella of the National Alliance for Civil Development Work.

According to the film, the initiative aims to develop young farmers, who represent 80% of Egypt's planters and cultivate more lands.

The documentary highlighted that the Alliance plays an important role in supporting agriculture as well for it is very important in achieving food security nationwide.

In turn, Margaret Saroufim, the Chairperson of the Local Development Sector at the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) said the first experimental phase of the initiative was launched in November, 2022 and covered wheat and soybean and will last until September,2023.

Afterwards, a number of farmers who benefited from the "Cultivate" initiative presented before President Abdel Fattah El Sisi their experiments, opinions and comments.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives Tareq Radwan asserted the Egyptian political leadership was keen on laying down action plans and tools to promote channels of communication between the State and NGOs.

For her part, USAID Mission Director for Egypt Leslie Reed asserted the US remains committed to cooperating with Egypt, saying her country was looking forward to boosting cooperation ties and partnership with Egypt decades ago.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi commented, calling on the Alliance to pay a greater attention to agriculture in initiatives launched to support the society. He said the initiatives are highly appreciated.

President El Sisi commended efforts exerted by the farmers, who tackled their agricultural projects during the conference.

He affirmed efforts are focused on training the farmers in modern agriculture methods, which, he added will mainly contribute to upping crops and providing water and fertilizers.

The State is ready for further supporting the farmers to provide water and come up with a good product, added President Sisi.

The president urged farmers to continue production and not to reduce cultivated lands, saying cultivation is a collective work and every cultivated is very important to the state.

The President also expressed his happiness and welcome to the performance of "Maryam", who presented the activities of the conference for her great talent despite her young age.

The President said: "Egypt has all the talents we wish for, but we need to reach those talents, and that there are initiatives and mechanisms that can be implemented" to uncover Egyptian talents in all fields.”

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi honored a number of inspiring figures in civil and volunteer work within the activities of the first conference of the National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW).

El Sisi honored Anissa Hassouna, who passed away six hours before launching the alliance in 2022. In this respect, Hassnouna was selected as ambassador for the Decent Life initiative.

The list of honorees also included Reda Sayed Hassan, who volunteered to educate children on braille, Ahmed Ibrahim, who took part in several volunteering campaigns, and Bassel Mohamed, 22, who passed away after intensively participating in several volunteering campaigns of the Life Makers Foundation.

Among the honorees were Dr. Shereen Amer, who partook in medical convoys across the country over the past 25 years and Ahmed Fouad, in addition to Mahmoud Said.

Co-founders of Life Makers Foundation Mohamed Riyad and his spouse Jihan Ramadan, who passed away, were also honored. 

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