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Egypt's Participation in the 58th Ordinary Session of the Council of Arab Health Ministers in Algiers

Monday، 13 March 2023 - 12:00 AM

Egypt participated in the activities of the 58th Ordinary Session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health, held in Algeria on March 13-14 under the theme "strengthening health security to improve the health of the population and prepare for possible unknown pandemics".

The two-day session is of great importance in view of the pivotal issues that it will address, foremost of which are a proposal submitted by Egypt as regards the establishment of an Arab medical agency.

The meeting is also set to discuss Algeria's proposal to establish an Arab centre for cooperation and research on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) along with an Arab agency for health development.

The meeting's agenda also includes a number of important issues, including following up on efforts to confront Covid-19 as well as getting acquainted with efforts affiliated to the institutions of the Arab Health Ministers Council.



Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population and Head of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health, delivered a speech at the 58th Ordinary Session of the Council of Arab Health Ministers, held in Algeria under the chairmanship of Dr. Abdelhak Saihi, the Algerian Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform.

In his speech, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population and Head of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health asserted that Egypt is keen to continuously extend all support, aid and relief materials to Arab countries whose health systems suffer great burdens as a result of ongoing conflicts and disputes, calling on all Arab states to continue exchange of expertise in the health field whether at the bilateral level or within the context of the Arab health ministers council.

Abdel Ghafar explained that the Arab and national duty should propel the Arab states to expand all forms of support extended to countries suffering from tough humanitarian and health conditions such as Syria and Lebanon.

He said Egypt's initiative pertaining to the establishment of an Arab drug agency emanated from its belief that the joint Arab action would never be realized without turning constructive ideas into action on the ground. “Egypt is deeply keen on establishing this pan-Arab entity to benefit from cooperation and integration with the international drug bodies to ease measures for enhancing the manufacturing capabilities of the Arab states,” he added.

Abdel Ghafar also went on to say that Algeria's proposal to establish an Arab agency for health promotion would also support efforts to beef up medical research and exchange of health expertise among the Arab countries and coordinate joint efforts to face any health emergencies or future pandemics.

He called on all Arab countries to work together and coordinate for establishing an Arab drug agency as soon as possible to make the optimal use of Arab manufacturing capabilities.

He said the agency is envisioned to ensure sustainable systems of drug delivery in Arab communities by opening new markets for locally made medicines and medical supplies.

He asserted that Egypt pays significant attention to building bridges of cooperation with all fellow Arab countries to create the final blueprint for building the Arab drug agency in conformity with globally recognized standards to meet the expectations of all Arab peoples by offering the best healthcare services possible.

Concluding his word, the Egyptian minister extended thanks to Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit on supporting the Arab Health Ministers' Council and its affiliate bodies.

For his part, the Algerian Minister of Health Abdelhak Saihi said that his country will do its best to support joint Arab action in the field of health.

Saihi said this get-together is important because it constitutes a good chance to improve medical services offered to the Arab peoples.

He also touched upon topics on the agenda of the 58th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health, which is taking place on March 13-14.


Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel Ghaffar announced that the council unanimously approved Egypt’s proposal to establish the Arab Drug Agency headquartered in Egypt.

Abdel-Ghaffar said that the approval is one of the most fruitful resolutions that resulted from the 58th session of the council.

He asserted that establishing the agency -- whose headquarters will be located in Egypt -- will achieve pharmaceutical sustainability in all Arab countries through the creation of new markets for pharmaceuticals manufactured in Arab states.

He also said that such an initiative will support Arab economies as well as achieve economic growth for all the countries.

He assured that the agency will support supreme pharmaceutical authorities without contradicting any Arab country’s domestic laws.

The health minister added that the authorities will coordinate and collaborate to achieve the planned Arab entity goals as well as discuss all technical details.

He confirmed that Egypt is fully prepared to undertake all establishment procedures for the agency.

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