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The 2nd edition of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects (NISGP)

Friday، 10 November 2023 - 12:00 AM

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly participated, on Thursday 9/11/2023, in the activities of the second national conference of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects (NISGP), under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, in the presence of a large number of ministers and governors, officials of government bodies and agencies, in addition to representatives of international development organizations and local partner institutions, as well as ambassadors from many sister and friendly countries.

The Prime Minister began his participation by inspecting the exhibition of qualified projects from the governorates, where Dr. Moustafa Madbouly and his companions toured to learn about the nature of the projects, which included projects related to sewage treatment, rainwater management, solid waste and hazardous waste management, agricultural development, monitoring climate change, and more.

At the beginning of his tour of the exhibition, the Prime Minister saw a number of designs and projects presented by a group of people with disabilities, praising the creative and innovative ideas included in those projects, and expressing his greetings and appreciation for their implementation of these designs.

During his tour to review a number of projects within the exhibition, the Prime Minister listened to a detailed explanation from the governors and owners of the projects exhibited in the pavilions designated for the various governorates of the republic, about the components of these projects, the targets of implementing those projects, their impact on the environment in general, and the surrounding environment in particular.

Madbouly, during his tour, was briefed on a number of projects, including a project for a device installed in cars that contributes to achieving more engine efficiency and fuel economy, as well as monitoring various faults that cars may be exposed to. The Prime Minister also saw a project to convert plastic waste into useful materials that can be reused.

The Prime Minister also listened to a detailed explanation about a rainwater management system, as well as a project for monitoring and analyzing aerial imaging data, a project for manufacturing environmentally friendly tires, a project for establishing sustainable energy-efficient health buildings, in addition to a wood technology project, a natural silk valley project, and a poultry farming unit project.

The Prime Minister's tour at the exhibition included reviewing a project to establish a smart green neighborhood that achieves various environmental standards, as well as a project to launch an application via mobile phone that allows homeowners to dispose of solid waste and exchange it. Additionally, there was a project to convert demolition debris into sustainable building materials, as well as projects related to irrigation methods to conserve water usage, and a project to establish a complex for recycling solid waste.

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly delivered a speech during his participation in the activities of the second national conference of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects (NISGP).

At the outset of his speech, Madbouly welcomed the distinguished, high-level group participating in the activities of this conference.

Madbouli praised the various ideas of projects on display at an exhibition of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects in Egypt's Governorates, asserting that the state has been paying a greater attention to the energy file and seeking to lure more investments to this vital sector.

Madbouli said that the National Initiative for Green and Smart Projects is an Egyptian initiative and an inspiring model for the best practices and successful experiments.

At the conclusion of his speech, the Prime Minister reiterated the state’s determination to make various efforts to complete the process of reform and comprehensive and sustainable development and to confront the repercussions of the phenomenon of climate change, through cooperation with all the nation’s partners and international development partners within a framework of shared societal and international responsibility, thanking the various concerned parties involved.

Egypt’s Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala el Saeed delivered a speech, in which she asserted the National Initiative for Green Smart Projects is part of the Egyptian state’s plans to include the environmental and climate dimensions in the state’s action plans to attain sustainable development in accordance with Egypt Vision 2030 goals.

She added the state seeks to scale up green public investments in the investment plan of Fiscal Year 2024/2025 to 50% from 40% this year, underlining that one of the strategic aims is the fulfilment of an integrated and sustainable ecosystem.

She highlighted that the aims of the initiative come in line with goals of the National Strategy for Climate Change in Egypt 2050 through the allocation of public investments to climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

A documentary film was also shown about the initiative being implemented in the governorates of the Republic as a pioneering initiative in the field of sustainable and smart development and dealing with the environmental dimension and the effects of climate change.

The documentary film included the opinions of experts from international and local organizations and international and local partners.

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli honored the winning 18 projects in the three top positions in each category of the National Initiative for Smart and Green Projects programme.

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