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Bashayer El-Kheir Housing Project

Sunday، 19 November 2023 - 09:54 PM

Bashayer El-Kheir represents the largest national project in the field of development of slums, where it aims at turning slums into developed and civilized areas. The project includes not only housing areas, but also shopping malls, hospitals, mosques, churches and craft centers with the aim of achieving development in such areas.

Project start date: 2015

Project phases:

1- Bashayer El-Kheir 1, 2, 3, 5 (west Alexandria)

2- Bashayer El-Kheir 4 (Rashid)

Bashayer El-Kheir 1

It is an integrated project for the civilizational development of Gheit El-Enab district in Alexandria. This slum has been developed during a short period of time reaching nearly 18 months under the initiative and supervision of the Northern Military Zone, where no money was taken from the State Budget. A number of businessmen and financial institutions topped by the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) provided the finance for this project.

Inauguration Date: 26 September 2016

Project Components:

Located on an area of 12 feddans close to Gheit El-Enab district, the project includes:

- A residential complex of 17 buildings including 1632 housing units on an area reaching 92 meters per unit, thus absorbing nearly 8000 citizens.

- A big mosque on an area of 812 square meters with a capacity of 800 persons along with an external area reaching 600 square meters with a capacity of 600 persons.

- A 175-bed hospital, external clinics complex, dialysis unit, reception and emergency unit, surgery operations rooms, recovery unit, intensive care unit, radiology unit and analysis unit.

- Occupational training center including 17 educational shops and 6 classrooms.

- 58 commercial shops for micro and small enterprises, commercial market, kids’ educational park, center for people with special needs.

Bashayer El-Kheir 2

Bashayer El-Kheir 2 is the second phase to complete the project of developing Gheit El-Enab district.

Inauguration Date: 26 December 2016

Project Components:

- A number of 37 buildings including 1869 fully equipped and furnished housing units for nearly 10.000 citizens. Each residential building is equipped with four elevators.

- 338 commercial shops and 13 shopping malls.

- 250-meters long roads and 15.000 square meters of green spaces.

Bashayer El-Kheir 4

- Located in New Rashid on an area of 20 feddans. It will be implemented by the Armed Forces in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing.

- A number of 33 buildings including 4629 housing units. 

- Hospital, commercial areas, sports club and school.

Bashayer El-Kheir 3-5

Inauguration Date: 2020

- Establishment of 25.824 fully equipped and furnished housing units on an area of 105 feddans for Bashayer El-Kheir 3 and an area of 90 feddans for Bashayer El-Kheir 5.

- Bashayer El-Kheir (3)...the residential area includes 200 buildings with a total of 10624 housing units for nearly 53120 citizens. The project also includes commercial, entertainment, office and service facilities (youths center, hospital, five mosques, church, post office 33-clasroom three school).

- Bashayer El-Kheir (5)...the residential area includes establishment of 15200 housing units and commercial spaces totaling 99465 square meters (seven mosques, cancer hospital, sports club, 33-clasroom two schools) 

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