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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Monday، 15 January 2024 - 06:20 PM


The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project is being implemented by the Ministry of Transport, as an alternative to the fifth metro line that operates on the ring road. The BRT will also be an alternative to the microbus.  A service road will be constructed to connect the microbus stops and the new bus stations.


The project is being implemented in two phases, with 49 stations on the ring road, at a cost of approximately EGP 9.5 billion.


The project aims to operate 100 electric buses along the road, and they will be connected to other means of transportation, including service stop points under the ring road, in addition to other means of transportation such as the metro, trains, and superjet.


Most important information about the project:



The project consists of 49 stations on the ring road, including 36 stations as a first phase ending on June 30, 2024.



The first phase included expanding the distance from the Mariouteya/Munib axis to the Alexandria Agricultural Road and the distance from the Mansourieh/Fayoum Road/Al Wahat Road intersection, with a total of 76 km.



The stations were chosen in densely populated areas and close to mass transit stations for other means, such as subway stations. They are:


"Marshal Tantawi Station - Cairo Festival City Station - Police Academy Station - Suez Road Station - Adly Mansour Station - 10th of Ramadan Stop Station - West Al-Rashah Station - Trolley Station - Zakat Foundation Station - Belbeis Bank Station - Ezbet Al-Jazeera Station - Al-Marj Station - Rashah and Al-Khosos Station - Mostorod Station - Metwally Al-Shaarawi Station - Al-Assar station - Manti Station - Alexandria Agricultural Road Station - Bsous Station - Bsous Al-Qanater station - Al-Warraq station - Tahya Misr station - Imbaba metro station - Bashtil station - Ahmed Orabi station - Ard Al-Lewaa station - 26th of July Corridor Station - Al-Mutamadiyah Station - Zenin Station - Saft El-Laban Station - Mansheyet Al-Bakari Station - Al-Nour Station - Al-Madina Mosque Station - Faisal Station - Al-Haram Station - Terasa Station - Egypt Air Station - Talabiya Station - Al-Munib Station - Great Sea Station - Station Al-Zahraa - Al-Ezba Station - Al-Hadara Station - Al-Jazair Station - Autostrad Station - Al-Hadaba Al-Wusta Station - Maadi City Center Station - Al-Said Station - Al-Barwan Station - Al-Shahid Axis Station - Station of the Fifth Settlement Entrance.


Entry to the bus stops above the ring road will be via a tunnel or pedestrian escalator.



- Cars parking will be established below the bus stations.



- Bus stations include screens to show the arrival time and pick-up time (it will be approximately 10 minutes).



- The BRT will operate 24 hours a day with 3 working patrols.



- There will be two types of tickets for different segments of passengers depending on the length of the distance, the first is the fixed ticket, and the second is the flexible ticket and it will be linked to the number of stations, because the cost will be in kilograms.

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