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SIS: Egypt denies CNN’s allegations, warns of withdrawal from mediation

Wednesday، 22 May 2024 - 09:15 PM



Head of State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan, stated that the article published by the American website CNN entitled “Egypt changed terms of Gaza ceasefire deal, is allegations devoid of any information or facts, and is not based on any reliable journalistic sources, in accordance with internationally accepted journalistic professional rules.


In this context, Rashwan challenged CNN to attribute the allegations it published to specific official American or Israeli sources, and demanded it and all international media outlets to be accurate in what they publish about such highly sensitive issues, and not to rely on the publication of some allegations on unknown sources that they call “Informed sources.


Rashwan announced that Egypt categorically rejects these allegations, and that SIS” had sent an official letter to CNN, explaining this rejection and the grounds for which it was based, and demanding the site to publish the Egyptian response immediately.

He added that the site had responded a short while ago and published parts of this response, which included some of the observations contained therein and in this statement.

He explained that such a false article, full of untruthful allegations, does not lead, and may aim, to distort Egypt’s main and prominent role in ceasefire attempts and negotiations in the Gaza Strip since the start of the bloody Israeli aggression against it about eight months ago.

Egypt was expressed astonishment at the attempts of some parties to insult the enormous efforts it has made - and is still making - over the past months in an attempt to reach a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, to prevent the killing and wounding of hundreds of innocent civilians daily and the systematic destruction of all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip, he added.

Rashwan explained that Egypt has noticed during recent periods that certain parties are playing a game of constantly accusing the mediators, the Qatari at times and then the Egyptian at another time, and accusing them of siding with one of the parties and blaming them, to procrastinate and evade making decisive decisions regarding the ceasefire deal and the liberation of the Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip.” in exchange for Palestinian prisoners, in order to preserve the personal political interests of some of these parties, and their attempts to confront the major internal political crises they are experiencing.



He added that Egypt's role of mediation in the ceasefire deal and the liberation of detainees in the Gaza Strip and prisoners in Israel was based on repeated demands and insistence from Israel and the United States to play this role, which came as a result of their awareness of the extent of Egyptian experience and professionalism in managing such negotiations, especially since Egypt has many previous successful experiences, between Israel and Hamas.


Rashwan explained that the false publication and lies being promoted about the Egyptian role cannot be read as anything other than an attempt to punish Egypt for its firm, principled positions towards the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people in light of its mediation role.


In this context comes Egypt's recent declared adherence to the necessity of the presence of Palestinian elements on the Palestinian side of the "Rafah" crossing in order to agree to Egypt operating it on its part, and its refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian side of the crossing. Also in the same context comes Egypt's position, consistent with international law and international humanitarian law, by joining the state of South Africa in the lawsuit filed before the International Court of Justice, against the practices of the Israeli occupation army in the Gaza Strip.


SIS head concluded his statement by emphasizing that continuing attempts to cast doubt and insult the Egyptian mediation efforts and roles, with allegations that contradict reality, will only lead to further complicating the situation in Gaza and the entire region, and may push the Egyptian side to take a decision to completely withdraw from the mediation it is carrying out in the conflict.


Finally, Rashwan held the concerned parties, especially those who spread lies about the Egyptian position, fully responsible for the unprecedented humanitarian disasters and the war of extermination in the Gaza Strip, the killing and wounding of thousands of innocent Palestinians, their displacement and starvation, and the destruction of everything in the Strip, in addition to the loss of the lives of Israeli detainees as a result of the aggressive Israeli military operation.

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